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  1. Tsarli

    Tsarli Well-Known Member

    Hi folks. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows which is the most reliable method to unlock a Garminfone? A quick Google search reveals that most attempts (that I've seen anyway) are unsuccessful.

    Is the Garminfone unlockable at all? Has anyone successfully unlocked theirs?

  2. amrs21

    amrs21 Member

    Purchase a Universal Sim like Gavey sim
  3. Spazmogen

    Spazmogen Member item # 110949002003

    Poster is "ageo111"

    unlock by imei code

    I am on my 3rd Garminfone and have unlocked each by IMEI code. They take quite a while to come in, 14-21 days though.

    I sold a spare Garminfone, then left my only remaining on a commercial flight by accident...upgraded to an HTC Vivid, but missed the GPS. So I bought another one for $40 on ebay that did not read SIM cards. Upgraded firmware to 2.1 and it works fine.

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