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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by acemannw, Jul 13, 2010.

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    May 25, 2010
    River Falls WI
    Back in November of 2009 I got the Moto Droid as soon as it came out. It was by far the best phone I have ever used! I loved everything about it. When it was upgraded to 2.1 it was even better!

    Due to some work stuff I no longer was provided phone service any more so I had until July 15th to port my number out. I decided to move over to T-Mobile with my wife since she has a plan all ready setup. I called in and got the Motorola Cliq XT. Hardware wise it is a really nice size and seems to do pretty good for reception compared to my wife's old Nokia. The biggest problem with it is the terrible Moto Blur!!! I cannot believe how it completely screws up a perfectly good operating system for no gains what so ever!! The browser is the most obvious issue but all the feeds are a problem as well. I chose to run it with none of the extra widgets and it seems to be a little bit faster then when all of it was running. I think part of the issue is the fact that is is using 1.6 but the Blur is the biggest issue with this phone. I wish someone woudl port over a stock Android ROM so I could kiss Blur goodbye!

    I am thinking about exchanging this for the new Samsung on the 15th


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