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  1. chyau.00

    chyau.00 Well-Known Member

    I have the hk version of milestone, and this app came with it, but i did a factory reset and lost it. Does anyone have any idea where I can find the apk for this?

    pm me please (if it is inappropiate for this site).

  2. icesphere

    icesphere Member

    go to CS and they will install it for you
  3. chyau.00

    chyau.00 Well-Known Member

    unfortunately im no longer in the country.
  4. richard_llz

    richard_llz New Member

    the market has that app
  5. chyau.00

    chyau.00 Well-Known Member

    i am pretty sure the market doesnt have the app I was referring to, but it's okay, I found a copy of it on the web.

    Thanks tho
  6. xioa

    xioa New Member

    hey chyau.00, where did you manage to find this application? I am in the UK with the milestone and this application would help me out a lot. Can you pm the link where to find it because im not sure what the rules for links are on this site.

    Thank you!
  7. vince88

    vince88 New Member

    i need to find out where to download the software too cuz i wana do a factory reset as well....are there any other stuff missing that we got to download again after factory reset?
  8. lotusmaster

    lotusmaster New Member

    Baidu dropped a keyboard on the android market with six different input options, the last one is hand writing. I think it's great and it doesn't require you to know the stroke order. It can also run both traditional and simplified characters. I live in Guangdong right now so it's bee very helpful. I am running it on both my Droid X and my Droid 2 Global (and hopefully soon my Xoom once my friends back home mail it over).

    PS. Heads up Verizon Global Unlimited Data acts as a VPN and makes Facebook, Youtube, etc available to you in China ;-)
  9. London Sugar

    London Sugar New Member

    Hi, I have similar problem of resetting the milestone 1. Please, can anyone share how to put back the moto chinese input software to the phone? Thanks.

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