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MOTO Citrus - Anyone know how to mod the splash screen?Support

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  1. SK83RJOSH

    SK83RJOSH New Member

    Hey, I'm just wondering if there's a way to mod this bricks splash screen.
    I've been changing a lot of the framework, since it's android 2.1-updated it seems to be pretty similar to other androids.

    Anyway, I attempted to flash a new one to it before but it bricked that one.
    So I need to make a 240 x 320 res image to attempt to flash to this one, so, help anyone?

  2. SK83RJOSH

    SK83RJOSH New Member

    After messing with it for hours, still no luck, I've managed to get it to start in bootloader, sadly Fastboot is prohibited....
  3. SK83RJOSH

    SK83RJOSH New Member

    So, I take it this forum isn't the fastest?
    Anyway, I gave up, the fact is, without fastboot it's hopeless. The fact verizon limits it sucks.

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