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Moto Cliq & Gmail.

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  1. Mean Devil Guy

    Mean Devil Guy New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 9, 2010
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    Hey guys, 1st of all sorry if this question has been asked b4 but I'm new and I couldn't find anything related too it.

    Anyways I was just wondering if any of you knows how to change your google account/e-mail on your Motorola Cliq Blur. I got mine not long ago and I didn't know you can only use one Gmail account so I typed a different e-mail instead of the one I use for my T-mobile G1 so now I can't get all my paid apps & google voice in my Moto Cliq cause I'm using a different e-mail.

    I know I could wipe everything out of the phone with a soft/hard reset but I would really like to skip that because I don't want to start over with all the applications already on my Cliq.

    Thanks in advance!


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