Moto G LTE or HTC Desire 510?

  1. MrLaserman

    MrLaserman Well-Known Member

    Cricket now has the LTE version of the Moto G but they also added the HTC Desire 510. Looks to me the Moto G is still the better phone seeing as they are the same price at $149. Thoughts/Opinions?

  2. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid. Guide

    Just comparing specs I'd also agree that the Moto G LTE is a better deal.
  3. dstephe9

    dstephe9 Well-Known Member

    Moto g is a better phone imo
  4. whatnow14

    whatnow14 Member

    I have to get a new phone also. Was really liking the Desire but I dont know really what to do. Being that Cricket & ATT are becoming "one" officially, I am lost! Good luck!
  5. rwinvt

    rwinvt Well-Known Member

    Don't know how important the camera is to you, but the Desire 510 is fixed focus and no flash.
  6. morgankslade

    morgankslade Well-Known Member

    Can Cricket Moto G Lte be rooted? How?
    Do we have to unlock bootloader? How?
    Links would be nice. Thanks

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