Moto i1 will eventually be replaced by a better android device on Nextel?Tips

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  1. edubble79

    edubble79 Active Member

  2. edubble79

    edubble79 Active Member

    Just looked closely at the Renegade V950 and its capabilities and something jumped out at me; its a CDMA only device made by motorola that operates on Qchat DC. That means 3g data speeds/voice plus direct connect, that means motorola had/has the technology to create a cdma smartphone with direct connect. Exactly what would make the i1 perfect, leave the iden and go cdma, that easy. Who are the product development guys at Sprint/Nextel who cant create these products, off with thier heads!
  3. jen8112

    jen8112 Well-Known Member

    Just heard of the new Moto i1Q. Same thing as the i1 with a qwerty keyboard. Don't know when it's coming out though.
  4. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    Same hardware, but not the same Firmware Supposedly it's gonna be running 2.1 and is being released for Nextel Latin America. No word on a US . release
    You would think if it's the same hardware that the i1 should be able to receive an update to 2.1 with a wifi assisted OTA update or even via usb data cord and a pc, but then again they couldn't even get the maintenance update right.

    From what Ive heard Qchat was never as reliable as Direct Connect/PTT probably the one of the main reasons iden is still around today.
  5. edubble79

    edubble79 Active Member

    yeah i posted this thread a few days before the i1Q was spotted, hilarious, it is my understanding that sprints long term goal is to move customers away from iden and onto cdma with dc and that brings qchat back into the picture without actually saying it. just angers me that we could all be using the cdma for our nextel 2.1 i1's right now instead of being forced to buy an entirely new device in order to upgrade android.

    I get the die hard iden fans and thier devotion is admirable however there are plenty of problems with iden dc that could be improved by qchat for example- the dc alert function could be improved so that if someone was using thier phone when you alert them it would be placed in a queue until call/data finished or even god forbid simultaneous alerts while on calls or data, imagine a phone that allows simultaneous call/data/dc/sms yeah that too. direct send messaging of texts/photos/videos/mp3s/docs would be possible and would create a niche market similar to blackberry messenger. app creators would have a whole new frontier of opportunities for nextel customers to pay for business apps which actually utilize the dc function. for as long as i remember nextel phones have been the elite communicators because of thier cost and functionality, we pay extra, we deserve extra!
  6. catpowrd

    catpowrd Well-Known Member

    I hope by the time they kill off the iden network they fix the problems with PTT on cdma. We tried a Renegade V950 a year or so ago thinking it would be great being on the sprint network and still having PTT, but had to dump that phone after a month or two because anytime you lost the cdma signal as in drive through a dead spot the PTT would not work again until you rebooted the phone. I would really like to see an EVO-Epic class phone on the cdma network with PTT that would work as good as the iden network does PTT. Then I would only have to carry one phone and could save $20 per month.
  7. edubble79

    edubble79 Active Member

    Don't know why the latest Nextel PTT (Moto Titanium) is Iden? Damn sprint is a bunch of liars!
  8. Kumori Ookami

    Kumori Ookami Member

    Yes, edubble79. Sprint does want to kill off iDEN... in the USA. However, iDEN is much more widely used in Latin America (ie. Mexico) and other countries so it will still be around, just not here.

    Also this is an unconfirmed rumor seeing as the boost C.E.O. wont return emails but I did hear from a support tech from boost that they will be petitioning keep the iDEN lines open for their customers. I think it's a sham really but if it works cool. I'd personally like to see Motorola come out with a CDMA/iDEN hybrid Android phone styled after the i1. Now that would be one power hungry device ^_^'
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