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Moto RAZR messaging adviceSupport

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  1. mricchio

    mricchio Member

    Hey Gang,

    Having some issues here on my Motorola Razr MaXX

    I was running GOsms for a while now, but just finally noticed that i can't receive ANY pics from text messages. I uninstalled GOsms thinking it might have been the problem, but i then noticed that i couldnt find the OEM text messaging app on my phone. I then found a Messaging.apk on the forums which resolved the pic issue, but now my contact names aren't tied to the contact numbers. Also any advice on a Text Messaging app that allows mms?

    i really liked how custom GOsms was but im nervous to go back now.

    I have some experience with rooting but im no pro.
    thnks All

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

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