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  1. Leeman

    Leeman Member

    Anyone can help me?

    I need to unlook/root a Motorla Motoroi XT720 that was purchased in South Korea.

    Firmware Version 2.0.1 S/W Version STSKT_N_79.11.31R Kernal Version 2.6.29-omapai
    I have been told that there is a "country lock" on these fphones.

  2. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    Moved to the Motorola Motoroi forum.
  3. Leeman

    Leeman Member

    Can anyone help unlocking the XT720 motoroi?

    The specs are:

    Firmware Version 2.0.1
    S/W Version STSKT_N_79.11.31R
    Kernal Version 2.6.29-omapai

    Really need a solution or some advise to find a solution

  4. c19932

    c19932 Member

    did you try flashing the xt701 firmware on it? The specs of both phones are similar enough that it might work.
  5. Leeman

    Leeman Member


    Thanks for your reply. NO I ahve not done this yet. Can you recommend a suotable firmware version for the XT701?

    and also, what do you thionk is the risk/chance of bricking this phone?

    The south Korean SKTelecom has really locked down this phone. I ahd an argumanet over several emails that should supply me with the unlock procedure xonsidering I bought it outright and their sales staff said it would work with my non-korean SIM.
  6. Noose475

    Noose475 Member

    let me know how if you complete your quest on the motoroi. i've been searching as well but found nothing. i'm out here in s. korea. love the phone. been loading droid apps and it seems to work very well thus far.
  7. Leeman

    Leeman Member

    I have not had any luck with this just yet. I am still looking. I could not find the XT701 firmware but I did find this site:

    But I am unsure iof this is the firmware needed to unlock/root the phone.

    Lets keep on looking and asking !!!!
  8. Noose475

    Noose475 Member

    lets keep looking. hopefully we will find more motoroi users. the u.s. is suppose to be getting the motoroi as well. so hopefully this will help us. found out the processor is between 600mhz and can be overclocked over 1 ghz. i wanted to root it just for this. if i find out anything i will post.
  9. Leeman

    Leeman Member

    HI Noose475,

    With the release of the unlocked version in Germany and UK this month I am hoping to get an update that I can use to unlock the Korean version.

    How have you been going to find an unlock ( file?

    I actually bought one of theose Unlock code generator codes from an unlock service but it didnt work becaus ethe Korean verison blocks this functionality.

    Any ideas?
  10. Noose475

    Noose475 Member

    hey Leeman,

    I'm more of a newbie on this whole unlocking business. Been looking around and researching when I have time. I recently had to visit the motorla center here in korea to get my motoroi right. the tech said my phone had a virus,,,was a bit of a shocker.

    I'm trying to overclock my phone,,,and so far it seems to need a rooting process in order to do so.

    I will post on anything I discover.

    just out of curioustiy,,,do you know about the power off. when you power on holding down the button next to the camera causes the phone to go into the yellow triangle on the screen. from there either the up volume (more likely) or the volume down button simutaniously with the camer button puts you into a reboot stage. it takes a few try's for the second part. this is the same thing as going into "settings" into "privacy" and "factory data reset" BUT there are OTHER OPTIONS listed if you do the whole button thing. you might want to check out. don't forget to back up your phone's info and stuff. i did the button thing twice after watching the korean motorola tech guy do it.
  11. Noose475

    Noose475 Member

    currently going to be relocating to another city here in korea,,,think i might try to make some friends in the motorola tech department in the next city to see if i could get some useful info from them. i let you know if i find anything. if they are cool enough,,,i'll also ask them about your unblocking situation as well.

    for now lets keep looking and i'll try to get some info after my move.
  12. Leeman

    Leeman Member

    Helo Noose,

    Thanks for the info, yes I know about the reset to factory settings functionality, it is the same for other Motorla phones.

    Bascially the phone is locked down to SKTelecom. The only way around this is to source a new file that will root the phone and remove the SKTelecom country lock.

    The functionality is avaialble and some bright sparks in Korea should have this, maybe an sales agent for SKTelecom.

    As mentioned, the phone is being released in Europe shortly and I am hoping to source the correct or SBF files from there.

    Keep in touch.
  13. dhkkim

    dhkkim New Member

    oh man, i really wanna change clock speed of motoroi. its so slow and laggy. by the way i bought this phone for $100 with 3month contract.
  14. motoindo

    motoindo Member

    Hy All..
    i'm from indonesia,i have milestone xt720 some body had root this phone???? please share...

    best regards
  15. jakelights

    jakelights Member

    Guys i've just registered this forum to inform that korean motoroi xt720 is rootable. i've successfully rooted my phone, and overclocked it. if anybody wants to know how, let me know. have a nice day
  16. tknv

    tknv New Member

  17. tknv

    tknv New Member

    Hello jakelights, I would like to update kernel,where is uImage in XT720 ?
  18. jakelights

    jakelights Member

    i just followed the instructions on the other forum. this is using some different method, pm me if you want the link
  19. jakelights

    jakelights Member

  20. Hahutzy

    Hahutzy Member

    [deleted by user]
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  21. jakelights

    jakelights Member

    Rooting your phone means you have a privilege to edit system files. just like jailbreak on iphone, it you can do almost anything you want on your phone. But! very very risky, so be careful
  22. Noose475

    Noose475 Member

    Jakelights have you overclocked our motoroi? It.s the only reason i want overclock mine but i.m cautious of damaging my phone
  23. jakelights

    jakelights Member

    Yes overclocked and did the Apps2sd. i'll search the forum again for the guides.
    Sorry for late reply...
  24. skahamed9

    skahamed9 New Member


    I purchased XT720 from Wind mobile Canada.Can you please let me know how to Unlock.
  25. wgsoul

    wgsoul New Member

    help me motoroi xt720 unlock

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