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motorola atrix 4g w/ motorola lapdock vs. motorola xoom

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  1. chevalier

    chevalier New Member

    both fulfill my needs in a phone/laptop/tablet in that i can write documents, watch movies, go on youtube, full internet (i.e. flash), and has a touch screen. However with the xoom i love the big touch screen vs. the small touch screen of the atrix. however the atrix w/ the lapdock configuration will help out at school because i wont have to carry a seperate keyboard around...but i do like art and take an art course in school and the xoom benefits from the large screen. what do you guys think? and yes i have ruled out the ipad2 or just buying another laptop/netbook....

  2. Wh*reofSpamylon

    Wh*reofSpamylon New Member

    Not entirely sure, but I think the atrix requires a tethering data plan for the lapdock.

    I know. I think it is stupid too.
  3. chevalier

    chevalier New Member

    thank you for your response and i decided to go with the phone + lapdock even with the shitty tethering. XD

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