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Motorola Atrix keeps shutting down

  1. mobokeeg

    mobokeeg New Member

    Unfortunately I'm having a few troubles with my Atrix 4G. Part of my screen became unresponsive last week, but I ordered a new digitizer that I will replace to attempt to fix the problem.

    My main problem now is that the Atrix keeps shutting down and I need to manually turn it back on.


    -Happens much more often when the battery is full (after half drained it stops shutting down).
    -It shuts down during reboot (or a few seconds after the loading screen is done), which then I need to turn it back on. This cycle can last for 3 or 4 reboots until it stays on.
    -It was rooted a while back, but I haven't since I've done a factory reset to try and fix the problem.

    So, is there a way I can fix it by rooting it (I definitely am out of the warranty period) and using some sort of "boot fixer"?

    I really don't know much about rooting and such, but I do learn quickly and am pretty tech savvy, so a bit of instruction and I should be on my way.

    Thanks in advance!


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