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  1. alyiaa

    alyiaa New Member

    Hey all,
    I am having a problem with my mic on motorola charm mb502 when using applications like skype,action voip, viber
    I can hear the one i called but they cant hear my voice so there is something wrong with the mic
    any help will be more than appreciated

  2. Atomic Dawg

    Atomic Dawg New Member

    I don't know about Action VoIP or Viber, but the latest version of Skype,, doesn't work for me either. After a little Googling, it doesn't seem to be working for anyone with a Moto Charm. I think it's a problem with the app. The one comment from a Charm user on the Android Market for Skype says:

    Anyone got Skype working on their Charm?

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