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Motorola Defy alarm problemSupport

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  1. uklegendman

    uklegendman New Member


    I on my last phone I could switch the phone off and the alarm clock would still come on to wake me in the morning.

    The advantage being that idiots cant contact me during the night and obviously extending the battery life.

    Is this a option with the Defy or is there a alarm clock app that comes on when the phone is off?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. scrannel

    scrannel Well-Known Member

    I don't believe so. Some phones, like Black Berrys, don't actually turn off but go into a suspended state so when an alarm goes off it only wakes the phone, not turn it on. I leave my Defy on all night, running on wifi set to "never sleep" and I have 90% battery by morning, so saving battery should be a non-issue. So, if you want it to operate as just an alarm clock, put it in airplane mode and no one can call you.
  3. uklegendman

    uklegendman New Member

    thanks scrannel,
    didn't think of that putting it on airoplane mode.

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