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  1. bfmtrader

    bfmtrader Member

    Help! Today I used my wired stereo headset for the first time. I was listening to online radio and my music player would start playing. I would try and disable the music player and it would start playing again by its self. I'm stumped.

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  2. Amaroth

    Amaroth Well-Known Member

    mine does the same thing. it will just randomly start a party shuffle. or when i open up the music app with headphones or audio jack plugged in it automatically starts a party shuffle. ITS DRIVING ME INSANE
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  3. stevenlong

    stevenlong Well-Known Member

    This happens to me but via Bluetooth.
    Most applications do not support bluetooth controls so when I listening to some other media and accidentally press the play button on bluetooth the music starts along with what I'm already listening to.
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  4. bfmtrader

    bfmtrader Member

    Thanks for quick replys. Sorry to here other Droid users are having the same issue. Well perhaps someone will read our threads and tell us how to fix this annoying problem.
  5. gmats

    gmats Member

    And I've been wanting this to happen............It happened for a short period of time and I thought that was cool but I can't seem to figure out how to have that happen now.
  6. Technipages

    Technipages Well-Known Member

    I happens to me but I discovered it only happens in a scenario where I am listening to the Music app, then pull the headphone jack out without pausing the music first. Later when I open the Listen app or Pandora, it's interrupted by whatever I was playing in the Music app.

    I'd be curious to see if the same applies to others.

  7. bfmtrader

    bfmtrader Member

    It looks like this is a problem we all have. If anyone finds a solution please send me a message at -
  8. bfmtrader

    bfmtrader Member

    Today I was using my wired headphones listening to internet radio, I was in a area where I had three or more bars, indicating that my Verizon signal was strong. The music player didn't come on by it's self. When the music player would start to play by it's self was at my home where the Verizon signal is very weak. Has anyone noticed this?
  9. Kevrev

    Kevrev New Member

    My MotoDroid is doing it also...wireless and wired. To clarify its my general Droid Music player(Mp3's) that comes on by itself and is interfering with my other audio applications such as A-Online radio. It also interferred and started playing by itself with the music player built into Cardio Trainer once also. I really think this is more an issue with the default Motorola music player.
  10. mixpix

    mixpix Well-Known Member

    Us Milestone users in Canada have had this bug since 2.1. Just have to wait and hope they fix it in 2.2
  11. nstallion

    nstallion Well-Known Member

    I think your Droids are haunted.

    LIVE2DRUM New Member

    Ive had this issue too. Player starts when i plug in headphones randomly. Also will pause on its own every once and a while. Sometimes will be listening to a song and player switches to party shuffle on its oun. Also some issues with skipping. Issues only since 2.1 so maybe thats the issue
  13. obutto

    obutto Well-Known Member

    Mine only pauses on its own, never had to start up.
  14. natb19

    natb19 New Member

    Good to hear it's not just my imagination and me going crazy!

    Anyone know how to uninstall the default music player...?
  15. tarwin

    tarwin New Member

    I have the same problem on milestone... really annoying.
    I started turning off the mp3 player volume to off when i stop listening music to avoid frenzied fiddeling with my mobile in official meetings because it has decided to play Metallica now. -_-

    Did anyone call Motorola because of this? Americans get so much better support than europeas from them...

  16. natb19

    natb19 New Member

    lol... Metallica in a meeting, which track was it?

    It hasn't done it for a while, ever since I:

    1.installed a new music app (and set as default) task killer
    3.killed the music player in memory using task after it started on it's own.

    looks like task killer has got it handled now.
  17. tarwin

    tarwin New Member

    "Carpe Diem Baby" ;)

    Hm, ok. Which Music Player do you use? There are quite a lot to choose from...

  18. natb19

    natb19 New Member

    lol... indeed, but it's 1am here... maybe I'll have to seize tomorrow ;)

    I'm using the MixZing player. But I doubt that's what's doing it... but who knows eh?
  19. jamo

    jamo Well-Known Member

    Mine did when my headphone jack was messed up. I sent my phone in and got a new one, no problems now.
  20. asmaria

    asmaria New Member

    Mine does this too! I've tried a lot of troubleshooting fixes, but nothing seems to work. So far the techs at Verizon have 'narrowed it down' to being something that happens when I am plugged into the computer, but I don't think this is entirely the case. Here are the times that it has or has not opened the droid music player on me:

    We started out plugged into the computer, with headphones attached.
    The media player would start when using other apps, especially pandora, lastfm, games, or texts.

    Recieving a text message would open the music player.
    Clearing the phone's cache did not clear up the problem.
    Deleting all my mp3s just made the music player attempt to 'play' a photo I had taken earlier that day.
    We removed the usb charger, and the memory card, and after rebooting, plugged into the computer and sent a text. The text triggered an error saying that no memory card was attached.
    So we unplugged the USB. This time, it looked like it stopped. I thanked the tech and hung up.

    ...five minutes later, I reinstall pandora, which soon starts crashing and spazzing, so I get an app killer and knock out the music player. It stops the music from playing but pandora is still dying. I uninstall it. Reboot.

    The music player opens, first thing. I should note, all this time, my headphones have been plugged in.

    I kill the app, unplug the headphones, reboot, reinstall pandora, and play it on the speakers.

    No freezes, it has been playing steadily, texts do not prompt the music player, and even the phone going into sleep mode does not freak my phone out.

    I am very inclined to believe that jamo is onto something with the headphone jack, but I just don't know yet. I'll keep updating as things happen. :( Not cool, Droid. Not cool.

    Incidentally, I have dropped my phone a very short distance about a week ago. Has a small ding from hitting the pavement but I thought it was otherwise fine. Are these things that fragile? I hope not.
  21. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    They're that heavy meaning that there is probably very little (if any) give at all with the components. Thus, even the smallest drop onto a hard surface can damage internal components.
  22. Keitai

    Keitai New Member

    Why does music player automatically start?

    I suspect it is the same reason my modern day washing machine turns itself on, or I can accidently kick it on, when I'm actually turning on a nearby lightbulb of an anciently wired house... There is not a great tie to an electrical ground, so slight ripples in the line voltage can make the washer think it's getting a 'turn-on' voltage signal.

    Feel free to knock down my theory with evidence, but I would wager the musicplayer rarely turns on when you do not have headphones in, and maybe rarely if you are using your own regular headphones.

    The headphones with the phone has a nice button feature, which is conveniently, defaultly tied to the music player, so if you want to just start listening to music on your phone, you press the button when no one is on the line. That button just sends some small signal to the phone that says play music.

    I suspect we are all doing things that jostle our headphones around (activity that may include walking) and the tugs on the jack are confusing the phone into thinking random voltage fluctuations are telling it to play music.

    I'm going to try to rubberband my headphone cord to my phone next time messing about, to see if it happens less often.

    I also like the suggested work around of setting a task-ender programs to turn off music player extremely often - if it is actually a problem.

    I bet next generations could solve that by setting the voltage threshold a little higher.
  23. tcirillo

    tcirillo New Member

    i have a new D2Global which does the same thing. i believe the electronic headphone jack sensing theory holds water.

    i have a new pair of JVC earbuds w mic and remote cntl. they do it, consistently. my older Apple earbuds w mic only, do not.

    the circuit that is involved with remote control might be sensing the phones connect/disconnect via the headphone jack.

    (i cannot understand why this sometimes happens when there is apparently no movement, at least not obvious movement).

    my two cents, anyway
  24. getsome831

    getsome831 New Member

    Try this app, it's working well for me so far, at least with a 3.5mm plugin, not sure about bluetooth, no chance to test yet.

    It's called Headset Blocker by Roadkill, make sure you toggle the widget on for it to work. I'd link to it but these forum admins don't let new users apparently. Good luck.
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  25. AlanJW

    AlanJW New Member

    Same problem, with DroidX and android 2.2.1 stock music player.

    I would not be surprised if the problem is the flaky headset plug; one of the first things to go on these devices.

    Too bad that no one knows how to either turn off headset control, or better, disable or uninstall the stock music player. Even better - it would be nice to have some control over starting and stopping applications in android! (None of those fancy Advanced Task Killer apps work for me on my DroidX).

    Anyway, I just installed Headset Blocker and I sure do hope it will fix this incredibly annoying problem!

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