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  1. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Got one of these the other day,the perfect compliment to the XYBOARD 10.1.If you can get past the jumpy mouse stick/button & steep 45' angle of the kickstand,it's definitely a steal of a price @ AMAZON @ $49.99

    The ANDROID-specific buttons & phone function button were the deciding factor in choosing this over a less expensive non-OEM keyboard.
    It's also compatible w/any BLUETOOTH-enabled phone,which makes this ideal for the WEBTOP-enabled models when docked & displayed on a TV/monitor.

  2. james98520

    james98520 Well-Known Member

    Just got this and the XYBoard 10.1 myself. Love the combo. If anything, wish they'd keep the simplicity, compactness, and lightweight, but figure out how to incorporate adjustability to the angle of the screen like a laptop/netbook. Soon to be a great work tool for me. :)
  3. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Yeah, the steep viewing angle is a PITA @ times. I'm also thinking of modifying the 'kickstand' to make the viewing angle adjustable, possibly by making a FRANKENFOLIO,by taking parts from another portfolio & somehow incorporating into the existing portfolio.
  4. james98520

    james98520 Well-Known Member

    Now if I could figure out how to make a removable mount for it to my car's console I would be set. :)

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