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    Jul 18, 2010
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    Basically my phone is supposed to be fully flashed. Only the phone and MMS was working w/ no working internet at one point. But I fixed that w/ Any cut by creating a short cut for proxy settings and then entering the cricket info, making me able to use the internet. Now the only problem is that my APP Market, YouTube, GPS/Navigation, Myspace, etc. (basically everything else that requires an internet connection) will not connect. In GPS I will always get a "data connection loss" error, in YouTube I will always get a "Sorry this video cannot be played" error. Any solutions on how to get GPS/Navigation and APPs to work? Is there a certain file that I have to edit?

    I have a theory: I was thinking that my plan may be the problem because I don't have the navigation feature. But The would only be related to the GPS/Navigation. But here's my plan:

    Cricket Unlimited 45 [​IMG] Features
    • Data Default
      Mobile Web Access
      Paperless Billing
      Regulatory Recovery
      Toll Calls
      Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and 3 Way Calling
      $5 off for Multiple Line Discount
      Unlimited Text Messaging-TXT
      Multi Media Messaging
      UNLIMITED: Picture/Video Messaging
      UNLIMITED: Text to Mexico
      Unlimited Long Distance
      Free Unlimited Directory Assistance
      Roaming Premium Extended Coverage-RU0


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