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  1. ddiesel55

    ddiesel55 New Member

    hi, sorry for the typos.
    I have a motorola droid razr phone and the sceen cracked after a month, the insurer will change to phone but i have an important number in it which was a missed call so it is not on my account.
    The tuch digitalizer seem to not work either, because the screen is literally shaterd inside the phone. I have already downloaded Android SDK, and I have the Droid@Screen app to. As i read about the stuff i have realized you have to have the USB debugging turned on, but it is a shame on mine it's not on. Unfortunatly i am not a magician with those thing, but if someone would be nice and help my how can i turn it on? The phone is original, not rooted and barely used.
    thanks, fast replys pls :D

  2. kool kat2

    kool kat2 Well-Known Member

    Im not familiar with how it works but it seems like something to try.
  3. gpshslax

    gpshslax Well-Known Member

    Not sure how to help you. On a touch screen device I'm not sure there is a fool proof way to reach that setting without being able to see since there are no hardkeys.

    On another note your subject sucks. Not trying to be rude, just stating a fact. This thread will not likely get much traffic as the subject doesn't describe the problem. In fact the subject is the most generic possible given the board it's posted on (unless you posed it elsewhere and a mod moved it for you). You might try, a subject like, "How to navigate the phone with a cracked (broken) screen?"
  4. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    I would venture to guess his is the international version, and that English may be his second language. (My apologies if that's not the case, op.)

    That being said, no need to be harsh, we try to foster a friendly helpful forum here, as there are so many on the interwebs that are not.

    Op- can you connect your phone via hdmi to a computer screen or a TV? Maybe you could get it to work enough mirrored on a large screen to navigate to the number so you could copy it? Not sure if the touch still works or not, but you may get lucky....
  5. socarwolverine

    socarwolverine Well-Known Member

    Well, if you're on VZW, then just go online to "my verizon" and check out detailed billing. The number should be somewhere in that list.
  6. gpshslax

    gpshslax Well-Known Member

    Yes, that did come off as overly harsh and wasn't intended. Just trying to point out that you need to state the problem to get attention. OP, please don't let my gruff demander put you off.
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  7. Teegunn

    Teegunn Well-Known Member

    I have a similar problem. This is my SECOND RAZR with a cracked screen from something that shouldn't have cracked it.... anyway, I digress. This time I had to use Asurion and am supposed to get my refurb RAZR tomorrow. I had my RAZR rooted and had a lot of info on it. There is something called android screencast that "may" help you. Google it (I don't have the link currently) and give it a try. If you aren't rooted, you will be very limited. And you will have to likely chmod to be able to use mouse to navigate the screen on your PC. First time I used androidscreencast on my first broken screen RAZR, I was able to get chmod to allow mouse support. This time, no luck. I did finally get my important info off and then I "think" I was able to do a factory reset. Now I can't get the android screencast to work with it, so I hope I'm good to go. I did use ginger unroot so now I shouldn't be rooted, and I wiped the phone so I think my personal info should be gone. Not sure if Asurion really gives a crap if it's rooted, etc, but I like to be safer than sorry.

    Long-winded - but it is my way of saying try android screencast.
  8. ddiesel55

    ddiesel55 New Member

    thx guy for the loads of help....yes this is nt my first language...and i am still suck at it. i am learning. the number is a hot chichs numer who i have lost the canche with...since than i am on gin and tonic...i will go with the insurance option (
  9. ddiesel55

    ddiesel55 New Member

    and i have found ot why i have cracked the screen....i had tight jeans on...and the phone gone side i am working in a of the 18 gallons barrel knocked me on the tights and there you go the phone have bended on my leg...screen cracks...first thing will be to buy a belt holder for the in the golden days of the nokia 6310...keep it on the belt...not being able to feel the buzzing, the speaker is covered...but the phone is perfecly safe :) :)
  10. ddiesel55

    ddiesel55 New Member

    and i am with T-Mobile UK and they don't have such a thing :(

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