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  1. fabriciolb

    fabriciolb New Member

    I have problems with this phone which turned off 3 times after went dead. I sent to the local Motorola Brazil for repair however the customer care is horrible. :mad:

    I lost 4 hours of work and need to buy a new GSM bigger size chip to still have a mobile working while mine is on repair. Between all I spent is time out of work, car gas, calls, internet provide month cost it is around US$ 110 dollars.

    The Motorola Brazil service won't help me and I'm looking to go the officials local justice department to fill a formal complain and sue Motorola regarding all cost I had. Motorola advertised it as a robust mobile, one of the top in features and battery, however my disappoint was huge.

    Looks like is a common problem with this phones, it there a solution, have you guys had same problem?:confused:

  2. javasirc

    javasirc Well-Known Member

    Did you try holding the power button and each volume button at the same time? That should hard-reset it.

    This may sound stupid, but did you try plugging it in for maybe a half hour, then turning out back on?

    I've had my Maxx turn off and not turn back on. The two methods I just said have worked for me every time.

    Also, did you try to put a new ROM on it?
  3. fabriciolb

    fabriciolb New Member

    Yep, tried the Power On and Each Volume for 15 seconds, connected and disconnected to power.

    Tried also keeping it plugged for an hour, actually it went dead after a night recharge.

    I had to send to repair, is there right now, and I'm looking to see what is the issue, is looking like a bad design.

    How frequently it happens to you?

    Thanks by tips anyway
  4. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Never had anything like this

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