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  1. DroidXPhilly

    DroidXPhilly Member

    I purchased my Motorola Android X from a popular carrier after deciding to drop the iPhone system. I have found that since Android already has an open interface, and after i became the Superuser($) (rooted) that now i have a huge amount of access on what my phone does. I have made a lengthy list of my favorite applications and widgets, some of which i consider to be nesessary. Post your favorite applications and widgets and after an ample amount of responces are posted i will go through, collect the data, and determine a list of must-have applications. Below are the apps and widgets on my seven home screens, and a brief description of each:
    -LogMeIn a somewhat pricey, but well worth it, remote PC/MAC controller. This app is fast, reliable, secure, and you can do anything from view media, go online, and control every aspect of your home computer in a very smooth interface.
    -Transdroid this app allows the user to remotely download .torrent files to their home computer from anywhere their adventures take them. you can view progress bars, and all of the downloads in your library (i currently use Vuze as my MacBook Pro .Torrent client, which i heavily reccomend (more to come on Vuze.
    -Mint- this app also offers a very neat and clean widget. i use both. You can view all of your assets from multiple credit cards, debit cards, properties, automobiles/boats, mortgages etc. you can set a budget, manage you spending (all purchases receipts are shown by clicking on the specified account), and see how much in the "red" or "green" you are in for the current month.
    -Dropbox- very neat and clean app which allows wireless file transfers from Droid to computer to laptop vice versa. simply drag-and-drop files back and forth.
    -Lockscreen - allows user to customize and manage which apps/wigdtes are on the lock screen. customize all aspects of the lock screen, even add/modify custom sliders.
    -Swarm- best and fastest torrent client app for android... very neat and clean, choose which files from the .torrent you download.
    -Pulse- excellent news feed app/widget. Choose which websites live feeds come on your pulse screen, even social networks, all in a very attractive interface.
    -Google Reader and Buzz- both very cool, fast, smart, and straight forward RSS reading and constantly updating status/news apps.
    -Pandora -the best internet radio in my opinion.
    -AppSaver- quickly back-up, uninstall apps very smooth
    -Apps To SD- allows apps to be moved from the internal memory to the SD Card, hence saving space. The app selects which apps are safe to do this with, no guessing.
    -MiniInfo- An app which is best used as multiple widgets. Lets the user view battery temp., SD card space, internal memory space, and battery remaining. very stylish smooth customizable widgets.
    -Floating Image- an awesome alternative to the standard Droid photo gallery. pictures float in 3D space across the display.. link your gallery to facebook albums, flikr tags/accounts, and many other sites.
    -AppBrain- Syncs the apps you already have into market data base, and chooses apps right for you! reccomended after a good amount of apps are installed.
    -DolphinHD- A tab based web browser for android OS handsets. very fast, finger-gesture supported (user can create custom gestures,) and a very attractive look.
    -Advanced Task Killer- Shows all running apps, allows the user to select which apps to stop to sace battery and speed up computing speeds.
    -Multicon - Thank God for this widget! allows up to 9 icons per square in home screens! select how many icons in how many squares, fully customizable, easy to use, extremely touch sensitive.

    Phew! lol okay lets see some more!

  2. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    Here's my AppBrain app list:

    Hrethgir's Apps on the phone

    True, I don't use all of them, but I have plenty of room, so why not use it! And I also have a DX, but I don't bother with Apps2SD, the internal memory has more than enough room, I use the SD card for other stuff like movies and whatnot.
  3. DroidXPhilly

    DroidXPhilly Member

    Yeah I have found the same thing,however I put a few seldom used apps such as horoscopes on the SD.
  4. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    I don't bother. I still have around 85% of my phones internal memory free, apps hardly take up any space. And the bigger apps put their data on the SD card anyways, like the maps I DL for CoPilot Live. Apps2SD is only really needed on older handsets that had really limited internal storage, like 512MB. With 8GB, it's a non-issue.
  5. DroidXPhilly

    DroidXPhilly Member

    Ah interesting, thank you. Yeah the store lost the SD card from my old phone while they were setting up my Moto X so they gave me a 16 GB for free..

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