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  1. AhmadCentral

    AhmadCentral Member

    Ok guys, i know this is really early, and i'm not expecting answers soon- but-

    I Just want to confirm a few things with people before i import this phone into the UK.

    1- The phone is a worldphone and works with umts/wcdma 2100Mhz
    2- The phone is the same spec/design as the Photon 4G but without 4G
    3- the phone has a UNLOCKED sim card slot out of the box.
    4- The phone works in the UK with a UK sim card for voice/text/data (e.g Three UK)
    5- The market works in

  2. seeeejaaaay

    seeeejaaaay Guest

    1. Yes and No. It is a world phone but the gsm portion does not support 2100mhz
    Motorola Electrify Full Specifications And Price Details - Gadgetian
    2. Yes
    3. Yes, I am good friends with a US Cellular service tech and he believes so
    4. Yes, provided the frequencies match up
    5. I don't know, but I'm going to assume no. But why does it matter?
    6. According to my research, you should be able to. If you want, drop a comment on my thread here. I'd appreciate it.
    7. USCC is strange because most of their updates are actually via a pc and USB connection, so you should be fine.
    8. Not to my knowledge, but I suggest you do a bit of googling.
  3. AhmadCentral

    AhmadCentral Member

    Hi there, thanks for the reply.

    Sounds good so far.

    Just two more questions. Three UK are a 3G only network and run on 2100Mhz frequency. They use sim cards. If i was to put in a Three Uk sim card, would it work?

    And also, do you know if this phone will be released without contract by a retailer who ships to the UK. E.g amazon/ebay.

  4. seeeejaaaay

    seeeejaaaay Guest

    Well, as I said before, 2100mhz is not supported for GSM! I can't put it more plainly. And also, just go on eBay and buy one, it's cheeper.

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