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  1. AirSTEPH1967

    AirSTEPH1967 Member

    Just wondering if anybody is using an unlocked i1 on Telus, and are all the features working properly. Like SMS,Email,DC,data..ect.:confused:

  2. JoeysOnFire

    JoeysOnFire Member

    I've had this phone on the Telus network since it came out in June for Boost. It's great and works in everyway, EXCEPT for sending text can get them no problem, but until me or someone figures out how to change the SMSC number to the Telus one, no sending available!
  3. Nhty

    Nhty Active Member

    that sucks. no texting. ugh
  4. jacinter

    jacinter New Member

    Same problem with an unlocked i1 from Boost working on Nextel Argentina. We are trying to figure it out. We allready root he phone, but we dont know what to do now.
    Any Clue?
  5. JoeysOnFire

    JoeysOnFire Member

    The sms number must be stored somewhere in some sort of setting file...maybe someone from another section would know? Could it be the same as another android phone?
  6. TelusMilestone

    TelusMilestone Well-Known Member

    The phone has been released on Telus now so you can buy one from us lol :p
    Using unlocked phones can always lead to problems! Patience is a virtue!
  7. JoeysOnFire

    JoeysOnFire Member

    buuuuttt mostly leads to buying cooler phones, at better prices, without contract!

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