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  1. Dam2sekc

    Dam2sekc New Member

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here, but prior to posting this i did go through some previous posts that had the same titles, None of them however have encountered what it is that I'm experiencing.

    When playing music via the inbuilt music player and other android add ons - it will stop playing mid song, and when i look into the notifications bar the music player icon is still there meaning in fact that it is still connected and playing. When i actually go back into the player its as if its frozen and wont let me access file that was playing, but when I go into files and reselect the song that was playing, it plays again as if nothing had ever happened. There's also an issues with small glitches as if the song is skipping or is really poor in quality.

    Now i should also mention that this all occurs when the handset is locked in sleep mode. At first I thought that it was because I had files in the auto-end applications section, but have removed it from there since and have done multiple reboots.

    I've used multiple players, all with the same outcome, and its not always the same songs that this issue occurs with. One music player will play fine with the songs that it has previously "crashed" with while others it "crashes" with.

    I've used window media player to sync all my files onto the sd card, the Motorola software was just too complicated, and there wasn't any information that i could find to using it as it was intended to.

    Its a great handset, but coming from a second gen iphone 3g, where i had no glitches with anything apart from being slow with iOS 4.0, It's disappointing that I'm having issues with a handset that's less than a week old.

    I would appreciate anything you guys can do in helping aid me fix this issue.

  2. New Member

    I don't have a solution for you, but I can say I experience similar issues. If I use the car dock then access the music player via that, then there is a bigger chance of the music halting mid-song for no apparent reason. As you say, it isn't any particular song.

    One thing that I've noticed might help, is re-booting the phone, in fact that helps fix other problems too - like the camcorder that crashes at just the wrong moment.
  3. Dam2sekc

    Dam2sekc New Member

    Ok, so I have a branded handset and put all the operators icons in task killer, so they wouldn't run in the background. So that's the reason that that my music was stopping when the phone was in sleep mode.

    And since being on hear I actually got some really sound advice from the someone @ GSMArena, who basically told me that i needed to download a player that had more audio buffers, with tons of options.

    So I'm currently now using the PlayerPro trial, and i haven't had a glitch yet at all with my music, and the quality of sound is superb! I'm not thrilled that I have to purchase a player to listen to my music without all the bugs they haven't yet fixed.

    I'll be sending in an official complaint so to speak and get them to rectify the issue's they currently have. Some companies are just too lazy to give a shit. I like the handset and all, but now I kinda wished I went with Htc.

    Hope this helps you. ;)
  4. New Member

    Well I read around a little and tried a suggestion of installing Launcher Pro. I've been using my phone heavily for a week now, with few of the old lock-up problems. The screen did lock up one morning when I snoozed the alarm, but other than that nothing else went wrong. Fingers crossed then.

    (I even have the same widgets and background on my home screen, so the look and feel is identical to the way I had it set up before)
  5. TheMarmot

    TheMarmot New Member

    Hi all-

    I have had the exact same problem of the default music player suddenly stopping playing. As a consequence, I have not been able to listen to an hour-long podcast; the player would always stop in mid-course.

    I have tried several other music players, including winamp.

    On several occasions, I also had the phone shut down unexpectedly, while in use.

    I was not able to find a fix to this issue, despite browsing the net extensively. Apparently, I am not the only one having the issue.

    I have thus returned the phone for a refund.
  6. Bluemate737

    Bluemate737 New Member

    You can do a master reset and other tricks that might help but if it works it will only be by chance.

    THE only things you need to do is the following :

    1) Remove the music player from the auto end list of the task manager

    2) Remove the gallery from the auto end list of the task manager

    It is stupid to have to remove the gallery but this is the only way it will work. As soon as you put the gallery back on that "auto end list" the player will stop after a minute or so.
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  7. trubs

    trubs New Member

    Removed Gallery from the auto end list and no more failing music. How ridiculous! Task manager deosn't even show Gallery running!

    So now I have to put up with bandwith eating background photo uploads (gallery) or no music.

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