Motorola Milestone A853 not booting after CM10 upgrade

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  1. mohibur rahman

    mohibur rahman New Member

    HI Friends.
    I have Rooted Motorola Milestone and enjoyed Mjorrity of ROMs using CM7 and CM9.;). Lat week I was upgrading to CM10 with latest ROM and t hanged during upgrade . After that it is not booting and getting halted at "M" logo. I tried booting in recovery mode but unfortunately my volume is is not workin:(.it stucked at triangle. any way to get into recovery mode without volume key... need some expert help from you all as always... I hope I came to the best forum...Thanks ... M.Rahman

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    Welcome mohibur rahman, glad to have you on the site :)

    I have moved your thread into the Milestone forum to see if someone might be able to assist you with your issue :D

    I would suggest that the only way to solve this issue is to somehow boot into recovery, did the volume button just break because i definitely wouldn't root my device had i known it was defective like that.

    Hope this helps and thanks again for joining!
  3. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    hmm..without recovery/volume button huh?..
    i think your only choice is to go back to stock using Odin and then using Rom manager to set you into recovery, then you can re-install Cm10(if need be download a fresh copy)
    try to find the correct google apps package here:Gapps(sometimes gapps being the wrong one can cause bootloops.)
    it should be fine then but yeah without direct recovery or the ability to boot into the rom and use Rom manager your only choice is to go to stock(a functioning rom) and then going through the steps to flash a custom rom again. =/
    sorry for the hastle mate, darn that button.
  4. mohibur rahman

    mohibur rahman New Member

    hi, how to use ODIN and please share path to downliad ODIN and correct FLASH
  5. mohibur rahman

    mohibur rahman New Member

    For your information I M using this phine in INDIAN GSM carrier... My current carried is VODAFONE.
  6. ekirankumar11

    ekirankumar11 New Member


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