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motorola milestone drops 3GGeneral (Browse All)

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  1. wouter

    wouter New Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 7, 2010
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    HI all

    Android newb here,

    i don't have a android phone myself yet, but my boss owns a motorola milestone...
    recently it started dopping it's data connection .. voice works fine, wifi woorks fine, but 3 g gets dropped
    I see thelittle icon come on for about half a second, but then it flicks away
    i contacted the carrier , but they say that everything should be ok
    i redid all the settings, and restarted the device .. no luck ...

    i should note that the option "data connection" (that i saw in the wireless networks menu of another android phone) is does not seem to be present on this device.

    Please excuse me if some of the names are different ... all the phones here have dutch menu's

    any idea appreciated
    thanks in advance



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