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  1. donnielee

    donnielee Member

    I am from Singapore and got my Motorola Milestone XT720 from Starhub a few weeks ago. I had expected to be able to browse the web smoothly since this is a 3.5G phone. It is apparently not the case.

    I tried to browse a webpage that I own, Manduca Baby Carrier Singapore - Backpack Ergonomic Soft Structured Baby Carrier and found that it takes consistently "forever" to load the page when I am on 3.5G connection regardless of where I am. Even if the page download completes, there will be missing images and some images with background magically changed from white to black! I have tried on the default browser as well as Dolphin with exactly the same results. What make it interest is that when I connect to Wifi, the page loads smoothly without a hitch on both browsers.

    I approached Starhub for help and was directed to Motorola Service Counter. What the Motorola person, Starhub Service staffs and I found out after some experiments:-

    1) My Starhub SIM card when use with the Milestone XT and Milestone has the same problem. It is not just my website. Even the Starhub Homepage will load with missing images.

    2) The same SIM card works with an older Motorola Android 1.6 phone. I am not sure which model.

    3) My Milestone XT works with a M1 as well as Singtel SIM cards!!! This is crazy since the Milestone is a Starhub exclusive phone!

    4) My Starhub SIM card works with an iPhone.

    5) Changing Starhub SIM cards does not help at all.

    Looking at this problem, because we have actually tried out with different phones of the same model, different models and different brands. I am quite certain the problem lies somehow with the Milestone/Android2.1/Starhub combi. I believe that I am not the only one with the problem but was told that I am the only one complaining!!! How is that possible?

    Perhaps any one out there with a Android 2.1 or higher phone using a Starhub SIM can help me see if you have the same problem too. Guess it would be interesting to know if the HTC Hero or Desire works or not.

    Just try to load my webpage

    Manduca Baby Carrier Singapore - Backpack Ergonomic Soft Structured Baby Carrier

    or the image

    If all goes well, you would probably see a image with a white background, if not, part of the background will be black.

    I am still awaiting Starhub or Motorola to come back to me but still no news. Will report back if I hear from them.

  2. Doodalicious

    Doodalicious Member

    Hi Fellow Starhub User!

    I'm also using a Motorola Milestone XT in Singapore, and I have tried the above websites on my phone.

    First of all, I always found the default browser to be a little slow/buggy, I switched to Opera Mini Browser after that and it has been working like a dream for me.

    When I first loaded the two pages on my Opera mini web browser, it worked perfectly finishing the load under 10 seconds. However when it came to the default browser, it took close to a minute or more, and the images on the page had its white and black inverted as well, with the middle picture not loading.

    Perhaps it is not a phone problem or one with the network, but the browser itself. Give Opera Web Mini a shot and see if it still works or not :D
  3. donnielee

    donnielee Member

    Thanks for trying out. Yes. I have earlier tried to with Opera and it works but it does lack some of the better rendering features of the default browser and Dolphin. I still believe the network has something to do with it because both Singtel and M1 SIM cards works beautifully on the same phone and browser. My worries is that if it can affect the browser, it is probably also affecting other applications, just that it is harder to benchmark them.

    I am hoping to get someone a HTC desire or Hero on Starhub to try it out if this is a common Android 2.1 problem with Starhub and will continue to chase Starhub on this. This is after all a Starhub exclusive launch and there should be not reason to accept a worse off performance than Singtel or M1. Will post it here when I get some answers.
  4. Doodalicious

    Doodalicious Member

    okay man hope you find someone with those phones. Honestly i never really liked hubs network but have been with them for quite awhile so i have no intentions of switching anytime soon.

    By work like a charm do you mean the browser loads the same website nicely with the other Sims?
  5. donnielee

    donnielee Member

    Precisely. When using both Singtel and M1 SIM cards. The pages are loading within 10secs completely. Sad isn't it. You should try it out with someone else's SI);)
  6. donnielee

    donnielee Member

    Starhub has just got back to me with the solution to my problem. Try this if you have the same problem as mine:-

    1) Click on menu button->settings->Wireless & network->Mobile network-> Access Point Names
    2) You would probably see "Gee 3G/GPRS".
    3) Click on it and clear out the "Proxy" & "Port". Yes. Just delete the contents of these fields.
    4) Power off your phone
    5) Remove the battery and SIM card and wait for 2 minutes before putting them back and restart your phone. This step seems crucial as I have tried step 1 to 4 without it and it does not work as well.

    Good Luck!
  7. Doodalicious

    Doodalicious Member

    Hey Donnie!

    Thanks for posting up the solution after checking with them! I'm following your instructions right now!

    Thanks alot again!
  8. donnielee

    donnielee Member

    You are most welcomed. Let me know if it helps.
  9. donnielee

    donnielee Member

    I had just got to chance to try out my Starhub SIM card on my friend's Desire Z. Same local website but when using my Starhub SIM, it is much much slower than when we use his Singtel SIM card. The Desire Z is on Android 2.2. So that means that this problem affect not just Android 2.1 but 2.2 as well.

    For some reason, Starhub servers are short changing the Android users. Anyone has similar experience?

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