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  1. spiderx_mm

    spiderx_mm Member

    Hey there,

    what's about Motorola Milestone XT720?

    But I'm afraid one thing is this phone has got many variants. Motoroi, Motorola XT701, Motorola XT702, Motorola XT710, and Motorola Milestone XT720. Motoroi is for South Korea only. XT701 and XT702 is in China. Singapore, Europe and US is getting Milestone XT720. I hope someone will be able to root the phone.

    I'm currently using Motorola Milestone XT720 Singapore version. Any questions regarding the phone is welcomed. But no deep technical questions pls. This is my first android phone and I'm Mcft guy. So, I'm pretty green with android.


  2. code2341

    code2341 New Member

    Motoroi and Motorola XT720 are same phone!

    I'm Motoroi user in south korea.

    I have used this phone for 5 months, but it has not been rooted even now!...

    I think if XT720 becomes million seller..!

    There will be ROOTING AVAILABLE...

    That's what I think..


    * It will be very hard to read.. sorry!
  3. techdaring

    techdaring Well-Known Member

    It's same phone with two name. Example Samsung Galaxy S at T-Mobile and AT&T.
  4. spiderx_mm

    spiderx_mm Member

    well, there're few different things. According to the specs,

    3G Network
    Motoroi XT720 - HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
    Milestone XT720 - HSDPA 1700 / 2100

    Motoroi XT720 got T-DMB antenna, (which you can tune FTA channels)
    Milestone XT720 don't have
  5. rame_sg

    rame_sg New Member

    Hi Friends,
    I just purchase a new motorla milestone XT 720.
    I dont know how to use it.wht are the option are there
    and how to get a contact from the sim.
    Because i need to copy all my contact from my sim
    pls help
  6. donnielee

    donnielee Member


    All you have to do is go to the "Contacts" app and click on "menu" (The 1st button to the left of the "Home" button. You should see an option to "Import/Export". Click on that and Import from SIM card would be an option.

    Milestone XT720 Starhub Singapore
  7. motoindo

    motoindo Member

    hy all...
    i'm from indonesia i use milestone xt 720 starhub fine in my contry...
    but it's going to hot when receive data on 3G or HSDPA...
    this is normal?????


    best regards
  8. aayish

    aayish New Member

    I am using xt720 singapore version. have 2 queries.
    1. I installed fringe from market place (1 day back) chat is working normal but when tried for voice chat it always forced close and re-started. Even testing voice chat using fringe test called not working. I noticed whenever i press call button my cell auto swtich to silent mode and then i got message of forced close. Any help please?

    2. I am assuming for 3G connection my phone status bar should should 3G symbol but it is showing H symbol with up and down arrow. Any body knows what is this.
  9. ajit85

    ajit85 New Member

    Can you guys give me a brief review of the phone...Voice quality, screen quality, battery back up, any issues faced..
  10. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    I don't own this phone but my friend does and he was able to root it using the universal 1 click root app.
  11. tigerdan

    tigerdan Member

    Hi Iam also a new owner of Motorola XT720- unless I am ignorant- it may be the most user-unfriendly phone and battery guzzler and worst "after sales customers support service " etc.. I hv been a pda and smart phone user using since PALM and 02 days. last phone used-HTC 3 G on windows mobile.

    First time using Android platform: May be someone could prove me wrong or provide this poor sole with some guidance as I just signed a 2 yr conttract- if i could not find an answer/solutions- most probably sacrificed and sent it back to Motorola with a big thank you :(

    1) BATTERY- high discharged rates even without using the phone and all possible battery usage/applications turn off - like GPS-WIFI-BLUETOOTH application etc!
    2) PROCESSING- slow before page appears. .
    3)CONTACT - shows only "ContactS" and "favourites" AS SUB CATEGORY-BUT unable to locate other categories like systems group:eg. friends.
    4)INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL - APART from instructions manual supplied- also downloaded from website- but still instructions manual not informative ( seemed many steps missing) enough for new beginners especially..
    5)CUSTOMERS SERVICE:no technical support or manager on duty on saturday-HOTLINE only operates till 5pm-(mon- sat) -just wonder what the word: "customers service" means.
    6) DOCUMENTS- UNTIL TODAY -still not able to edit the office doc like excel- words- powerpoints as no FREE or PAID editable version available.

    *anyone like to share like their "experience" on this "new kid on the block" smartphone.?
  12. do you have to pay when going wifi on milestone xt720...

    im using starhub prepaid and whenever i go into wifi it deduct abt 10 dollars...
  13. kpliew1

    kpliew1 New Member

    I need to track out total minutes of outgoing call & total call. May I know that any widget can download?
  14. mrinal

    mrinal New Member

    i recently got a xt720..the youtube app on my phone doesn't only load videos..any1 got this prob? n it hangs n restarts many a times on its own..suggestions welcome..
  15. lcc014

    lcc014 Member

    Any online store who sells Motoroi XT720 ?
  16. DukeL

    DukeL Well-Known Member

    the motoroi or the milestone xt720?
  17. anand.bhatt86

    anand.bhatt86 New Member

    Hi I am from India and brought this phone 3 days ago. The phone is good. But have one problem, the signal connectivity is bad for some reason. Can anybody suggest me anything?
    I use Vodafone and when i compare it with another Vodafone using cells, the XT720 sometimes shows no signal at all and the other phone shows complete signal strength.

    Please suggest!
  18. na_io

    na_io New Member

    Not from what happen to my xt720

    When I connect to WIFI, the 3G connections automatically drops. Make sure you only go on the Internet, after the blue wave has replaced the 3G sign in the notification bar.
  19. na_io

    na_io New Member

    Try to search phone usage in the market. There's quite a few apps out there to do this.
  20. na_io

    na_io New Member

    I am not sure of the reasons. But if you cover the upper section of the phone, where the antennas are, the signal drops. If you are holding the phone sideway, hold from the back.
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