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Motorola now offering its own sideloaderGeneral

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  1. paskuniag

    paskuniag Member

    LOL It's been out since July. Go to the Android Market and search for the "Sideload Enabler for BACKFLIP". DL it, then you can do what everyone else does, ie, check the box that says "Unknown Applications", which was MISSING from this Motorola model.

    Have fun!


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  2. schrickz

    schrickz New Member

    thanks for the info ..:)
  3. Soundteq

    Soundteq Well-Known Member

    Oh my god you have to be kidding me. This has been available this long and I didn't realize, and the whole time I've been thinking "Man, I really hate not being able to sideload"

    I'm getting it now. According to the store it only has 500-1000 downloads.. Hm..
  4. frankiex420

    frankiex420 Member

    When I search "sideload enabler for BACKFLIP" in my Android Market nothing shows up
  5. Lmorris96

    Lmorris96 Member

    I believe it has to be done via computer.

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