Motorola photon 4g to unlocked Motorola ICS photon with 5 romsGeneral

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  1. sujit mgr

    sujit mgr New Member

    Guys .....
    its done moto is now unlocked ready to use with 5 different kichensink roms... it became android 4.0.4 now .with 1.4 GHz processing... with extraordinary features like tablet,different save battery life can use my moto on different processor limits... thanks to QBKING......oooooohoooo

  2. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    Nice, which roms are you going with? I'd also like to know how they all performed and what you like and didn't like about each one.
  3. Sen2012

    Sen2012 Active Member

    Congrats. Kitchen Sink is amazing. Thanks Jokersax, Thebill, and the other team moto tegra guys over at XDA.
  4. Loc9ner

    Loc9ner New Member

    Jokersax, Thebill, QBKING (the three wise men) and the other team moto tegra guys over at XDA. this MoPHo is is beyond what i expected you guys are awesome...thank you... SoCal-Locn9ner-BigIE thank you

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