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Motorola potentially reducing Xoom orders.

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  1. mched

    mched Well-Known Member

  2. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    I was just going to post a similar article:
    Motorola Reducing XOOM Orders Signals New Tablet In The Works? - SlashGear

    I was almost going to pull the trigger on the Xoom because it looks like Toshiba is really going to wait until June - and I don't want to wait that long. But now I am not sure I want the Xoom either.

    What it tells me if Moto is stopping selling the Xoom already is that they feel this tablet is not that good, not what they want. If Moto does not want it - why should I?

    Now what the heck do I do? I think I read the Asus transformer is coming out in early April - maybe I should look there.....
  3. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    Sprint is slated to carry the xoom later according to a report I read last week...
  4. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    until Moto says something I dont believe it. They have a wifi version release soon too. The article also mention that it projected to sell 3-5 million xooms. I love mine :)
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  5. FragDroidX

    FragDroidX Well-Known Member

    Its being reported by Digitimes who makes stuff up half the time anyway. Motorola also already stated that they will be releasing tablets in different sizes later this year. I would not wait to purchase it, the Xoom will be well supported for a long time to come.

    GAANDROID Active Member

    You really have to consider the source. This is from the Apple Insider website. Who are the "sources" that gave them this info. Even though Apple really doesn't need any help moving their iPads, I wouldn't put it past them to run a smear campaign. Also ask yourself if the rumor makes sense. They are releasing the wifi only version on Sunday and they are expanding the 3g/4g version to Sprint. That doesn't sound like scaling back to me.
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  7. mched

    mched Well-Known Member

    Great points!!!!
  8. This.

    Apple constantly smears other companies (see "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials) and hides their own support issues (iPads that can't run non-optimized apps, crashing, etc). Crafty, but dishonest.
  9. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    1) I really dont care if they do reduce them. Motorola supports their devices well.

    2) With the developers expanded role in Android, the device will be supported and updated by me via root even if they do discontinue.

    3) I truly don't think they will discintinue their flagship device within 6 months. I do believe other Motorola devices will hit the shelf as well as Android tablets promised from other manufacturers. All of them will have Honeycomb and all will help develop my Xoom. I know that the N1 got everything first. 2.2, 2.3, etc. Every update went to the N1. If I wanted it for my Incredible, I either had to let a developer bake it and flash it myself it wait for HTC and Verizon to get off of their butts, test it and send it out. I envied the way the N1 got everything quickly. I would think the Xoom will continue to serve as Google and Motorola's guinea pig device.

    I'm happy to be a part of that role. It will mean things will be buggy but cutting edge at times but while those of you that sit and wait, wondering if you should get the Xoom or not, wringing your hands over the Xoom, iPad 2, 10" Galaxy tab or what's "next", I'm using my Xoom and enjoying every minute of it.
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  10. Android4all

    Android4all Member

    This does remind me that they are planning a 7" Xoom later this year.

    I just can't see them giving up so quickly. Especially when their device won the Best of CES award. There had to be a reason why they recieved the award in the first place. The biggest problem was price. If they came in at a price the "masses" like this thing would be huge.

    Lets enjoy the reason why it received Best of CES, because of it's hardware and the experience it provides the user which can't be taken away from us if we own it.
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  11. Android4all

    Android4all Member

    UPDATE: Motorola just gave us a statement on the DigiTimes report, letting us know that their report isn
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    GAANDROID Active Member

    This latest false report on the XOOM about them being discontinued caused me to question whether there is an unofficial smear campaign in launch. Why is it that if you google motorola XOOM, 9 times out of 10 you will see something negative that has recently been added at the very top of the page. If my understanding is correct, google lists searches by popularity. If the iPad beats the XOOM in some hands on review it will be at the top of google, when the ridiculous XOOM price was circulating it was at the top of google, if the XOOM gets a bad review it is at the top of google. But when the wifi only XOOM was announced it took days for that to make it to the top of the search. When flash was announced that also took some time to make it to the top of the search. I know I may sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist, but would it really take that much for person or company with a lot of resources to pay enough people to go to a site to cause it to be one of the first sites that pop up when you do a search. And don't get me started on the people who bring the customer rating of the XOOM down by rating it low even though they don't own it. Some of those idiots even rated it low before it ever came out! I think those are just stupid apple fan boys though.
  13. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Well-Known Member

    I googled motorola XOOM and the first 10 pages are amazon, motorola, verizon, etc... no bashing..

    GAANDROID Active Member

    When I google motorola XOOM I see the story about cutting the production of the XOOM under the news section.
  15. redshift1

    redshift1 Well-Known Member

    Note, Digitimes outs the story Apple-insider runs with it, now reports are citing AI as the source. Seems as though Motorola needs to make a categorical denial rather than calling the report inaccurate. As a person about to buy a Xoom I feel Motorola has somehow managed to mishandle the marketing of the Xoom at every opportunity.
  16. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    ^^^ you have real people here who have the xoom in hand. you dont need marketing or PR. you should read form real world individuals who have the xoom and can share their experiences. dont let the lack of PR worry you. if you were not up on these internet sites then i can possibly see, but by you being here reading and responding, you are well above the average person and you should know this site (and some other active sites) are all you need to get the info you want on the xoom.

    this "news" has not worried me in the slightest. the internet can spread a rumor quicker than anything ever imagined in the early 2000's. if some of us made up a rumor and drooped it on a couple of blog sites and use the words "unnamed source"... it would be all over the world but morning... so id relax, let moto do what moto does and lets all enjoy the xoom..
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  17. redshift1

    redshift1 Well-Known Member

    My concern is not with the Xoom but Motorola's marketing strategies, had they not stumbled out of the blocks then these ill-timed rumors would not be gaining any traction. Still It's not going to influence my purchase of the wifi only model and as long as the marketing folks are not building the Xoom then all is well.
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  18. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Just to explain my position a little bit better.

    First of all - I am a little disapointed with the Xoom. The lack of USB host is a disappointment, and no, I dont count the hack to bring it as acceptable. This one is big to me. The side issues of no micro SD support yet (yes, I know its supposed to come) and the various reports where the screen, while good, is obviously not great.

    All of that is why I have not committed to the Xoom so far. But with serious contenders waiting until June for the most part (and frankly some of those contenders will be better than the Xoom), I was coming around that the WiFi Xoom would be just fine even with the issues above.

    Then comes this rumor. Understand, my committment to the Xoom is fragile at best. So when I hear that even Moto is not committed to the Xoom it makes me stop and wonder - do I really want to plug down $600 on this? Whatever I do I'm stuck with for years. I am not going to plunk down another $600 in June for a better tablet. Or even in December. This is a big purchase for me so if I do it I want to feel as comfortable as possible on it.

    I am very happy that many here are thrilled with the Xoom. It does give me hope and keeps the Xoom in my possible camp. But I'm torn between waiting 3 more months for what I believe is a better tablet, or settling for a pretty darn good tablet with issues. So a rumor about the manufacturer giving up on their flagship device is a huge consideration.

    Sorry - I just wanted to speak on my side of things. $600 is a lot of money for a luxury item. I just want it to go well whatever I decide.

    GAANDROID Active Member

    Just out of curiosity, why do you think other Android tablets will be better than the Xoom? They will both have the same version of honeycomb, the only difference is that Google is holding Motorola's hand which gives them a clear advantage over other companies. By the time the other tablets come out the SD card will probably be enabled so you can take that off the list also. Samsung has come out and actually stated that the new galaxy tab will be 'substandard' in comparison to the iPad 2, so would you really want it? And far as the rumors go, you must ask yourself do they make sense. WiFi only version coming Sunday, releasing the xoom to Canada in April, and the Xoom is more than likely coming to Sprint real soon. Does that sound like they are retiring the Xoom to you? The rumors are in place to do exactly what it is doing to you, making you second guess a purchase. Hmmmm......I wonder who would stand to gain something from running a smear campaign against the Xoom?
  20. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    I'll answer this part of your reply.

    The Toshiba is clearly a better tablet spec wise than the Xoom. Full size HDMI, Full size USB host, mini USB, advanced graphics enhancement. Replaceable battery should you want it. Rubber back for ease of grip. There is no part of the Toshiba other than its not here that is worse than the Xoom. But given this, I am not sure I want to wait 3 more months for it. The Xoom looks good and I can work around/live with the above things.

    The ASUS Transformer also looks better than the Xoom. That may actually be coming in early April.

    The Samsung looks like it could be a wash on the Xoom, better in some respects, not as good in other. But its a June tablet too so I would not bother with it.

    If I was so inclined ot wait until June - I would be willing to bet that the 10 inch tab HTC puts out will be better than the Xoom too. I don't know that because HTC is so secretive. But the Flyer's main faults were that it was 7 inches and it did not have honeycomb - both fixed with their 10 inch. The flyer in other respects is a better tablet (OS aside) - why not assume HTC's 10 inch tablet would be better still?
  21. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    june is also 4 months down the line from then the xoom came out. I would hope tablets coming out then were atleast as good if not a little better on some things.
  22. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    in june the device 4 months old basically...that is nowhere close to a year.

    So the bionic will be about a year old in june also then right?

    both were debuted pretty much at CES imo and seemed to be at about the same development wise
  23. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    I expect a manufacturer to stop making a device around that age... Especially with other things coming down the pipe.

    If they make them longer than that, opening the box, you start to see the age of them.
  24. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Well, Moto did rebute', but their response was they would still produce beyond second quarter. Catch is, the reported July scale down IS beyond second quarter. Seems Xoom is doing and early Xoom 2, IMO.

    Corporate double speak is fun :)
  25. biffbaxter

    biffbaxter New Member

    Frankly I dont care about the hardware if the changes are incremental. I care more about the OS and software available being beefed up - the 5% gain in whatever spec is irrelevant to most (other than marketing). I have an Ipad and a Xoom. If I see some hardware in the future that knocks my socks off, my wife or kids get the xoom and I move on. But the real impact for me is being able to have functions and programs on par with the Ipad which I think will take another year or so...But I think the market will grow incredibly for android apps that are tablet centric (or re-writes to make them look and work well on 3.x in a tablet form factor.)

    I am quite optimistic about android and its long term prognosis regardless of the hardware I run it on. but the basics like video, usb, SD (for now), etc. are pretty much what everyone will have.

    The hardware will always have a niche at the high end, but for the average consumer will continue to become more commoditized and the price goes down. A win for consumers :).

    I can tell you though the Ipad has a significant lead in niche business sectors for specific applications (healthcare, aviation, etc). I consult in healthcare and see this daily....
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