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  1. marzo19

    marzo19 Member


    I've gone through most of the threads here regarding Motorola RAZR and battery life/charging. I've only seen one person mention in passing a FAILURE TO CHARGE / PHONE NOT CHARGING issue.

    Here's what's happened (I've had the phone for just a week):

    Battery gets down to about 20% (I have a Smart Action set up to notify me).
    I plug in the charger (either the one that came with phone or the one from my Droid Incredible) and nothing happens -- battery continues to drain.
    I switch chargers. Same thing.

    However, it seems that if I power the phone off and on again, it starts to charge.

    Any suggestions?? Am I missing something??


  2. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    At a guess, some app that's running is preventing the phone from going in to charge mode, and when you reboot that app isn't running.
    First thing I'd do is disable your 'low battery' Smart Action to see if that's causing a problem.
  3. marzo19

    marzo19 Member

    Thanks. About to check out your suggestion.
  4. jackbirch

    jackbirch New Member

    I am having a very similar problem. My battery indicator will go to 20 or often less. When i plug in the Motorola carger, within a very short time the battery shows fully charged but in reality it isn't charged at all. I will plug it in over night and it is still drained in the morning. Any ideas?
  5. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    I started a thread about this a while back! No one ever responded! But i've had the same issue! After re-booting phone, it never happened again. So annoying! I actually had to take my phone into a Verizon and they hard reset it! Pain in the butt! But I haven't had an issue since then....
  6. marzo19

    marzo19 Member

    I disabled the low battery smart action and it appears to have resolved the issue. Trying again in a little while. Will post an update here.
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  7. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    Thanks for the update.
    Keep us posted.
  8. coldzero1982

    coldzero1982 New Member

    Same thing happened to me. Ive only had my Razr for a couple days. Is it possible for the phone to pull more power than can come in through the charger?
  9. OlManRivah

    OlManRivah Well-Known Member

    Make sure your Razr is turned off then plug the charger in.
  10. marzo19

    marzo19 Member

    I uninstalled a battery indicator application and I have not had any problems with charging the phone. My hunch is that that app was causing the problem. I currently have no battery indicator apps running and all is fine.
  11. ShanDroyd

    ShanDroyd Well-Known Member

    I've had a similar problem with my MAXX. I use the GPS/google maps a lot, and I find that when my battery gets low, I can not recharge it in my truck as fast as the battery drains. the car charger basically just keeps the phone alive at that point. then if I take the phone off the charger when I make a stop, I get an alert of low battery.
  12. AndroidGreg

    AndroidGreg Well-Known Member

    To the question above, Yes it is possible for the RAZR to draw more power then the charger can put out, at least the included one,

    But it is a hard thing do get to happen, you need to have blutooth, gps, 4g, hdmi, screen at 100% on, wifi hotspot, and last but not least stream netflix,

    without the charger i got a whole 1 hour 45 min in the motor home doing that, with it i got 3 hours 30 min then the phone turned off, idk if from low charge or overheating tho the low batt warning was on for the last few hours

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