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  1. soleen

    soleen Member

    Motorola just released an updated version of RAZR: RAZR V. It is a cheaper version: a littler thicker, cheaper display and front camera, no dual band WIFI, smaller internal storage and no GLONASS. However, overall this is still a very nice phone, and IMO might be better than anything available on Virgin mobile. I wonder if this model will be available from Virgin Mobile:
    NeoWin. After all many other phones that end with V are sold by virgin mobile: i.e. HTC Evo V, HTC One V, LG Optimus V.

    Oh, and this could be the phone for which $100 rebate is offered by Motorola.

  2. tmicrd68

    tmicrd68 Well-Known Member

    This is a gsm phone & vm is cdma, bummer (see link)MOTOROLA RAZR
    The network specs show wcdma but it is not cdma (see link for explanation)WCDMA definition (Phone Scoop)
  3. soleen

    soleen Member

    Thats a bummer. Is there a possibility Motorola will release a CDMA version of this phone as well or companies usually do not do this?
  4. tmicrd68

    tmicrd68 Well-Known Member

  5. chilz

    chilz Well-Known Member

    razr v is a vm phone dont know when us will get it but it is in canada google it
  6. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Well-Known Member Developer

    But vm in Canada is completely different than in us. They use GSM in Canada instead of cdma!
  7. chilz

    chilz Well-Known Member

    u know b_randon i went to the canadian website for vm and i can see why they dont update our phones there selling iphone 5 for like 200$ and iphone 4s for only 79.99 but they dont have the trash phones in canada that we have to chosse from i mean really only bad phone i seen was wildfire im guessing since there from austrailia they dont care about americans only money
  8. redgjm

    redgjm Well-Known Member

    They are not the same company. Nothing in common but the name.
  9. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    I'd get the RAZR M in a heartbeat.
  10. kagevazquez

    kagevazquez Well-Known Member

    Droids are exclusive to Verizon in the US I believe plus we don't have lte anyway so it wouldn't work out for us if it did
  11. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

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