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  1. blogan

    blogan New Member

    How can you use this device to tether wirelessly?

    Haven't seen a way to root the device although I was told there was a way. Please provide any leads you find.

    Thank you

  2. m3gz

    m3gz New Member

    I rooted my XT300 with z4root. You have to register in order to download it. But just do it through your phone and run the program.

    But now I'm stuck with the tethering. I've read that you have to recompile the kernel but I don't have that much time to play with the phone. Just waiting it out until someone else finds a way.
  3. todorcim

    todorcim New Member

    This is easy i rooted my spice with z4root also worked like a charm,and then went to the market and downloaded barnicle tether.
    Now it doesn't tether through the bus what this does is it turns your phone into a wireless hot spot for you to acess the net on your computer or other things you have
  4. jlm0924

    jlm0924 New Member

    I unsuccesfully attempted rooting my spice using zroot.. I didn't have clear instructions. I've read somewhere you may not be able to root the newer spice with zroot.. I simply found a down load of zroot using the phone , dLoaded, installed and ran the app. I don't know how to run the app off the sd card as someone has suggested. however.. I did succesfully root my spice using super one click, using a usb cable connected to a pc. It took me a couple attempts and I did need to reboot the phone after.. Uninstalling the useless app flashback (spicey) using titainum backup did speed the the phone up and reduce lag.

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