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Motorola titanium for boost??!!Support

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  1. gc3p0

    gc3p0 New Member

    I have bin looking endlessly for a solution to this problem! i just recently purchased my phone and have it active on the boost mobile network. it seems like a great phone, everything works great but...... i cannot send text messages... the only way around this i found this is to attach a photo to the text. So it only text with a picture..

    please help me out i've looked everywhere and have yet to find a result please help me resolve this problem.:confused::confused::confused:

    thank you.

  2. mabris

    mabris New Member

    I have the Solution Web, MMS Working on Boost Mobile
  3. ccchehade

    ccchehade New Member

    can you help me with the solution for motorola titanium working on boost? please
  4. maw906

    maw906 New Member

    how?? did the problem get fixed?? Please help

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