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  1. olam

    olam Member

    Hey all,

    I have a rooted Motorola Triumph and I am having no luck pairing it with a CE Compass bluetooth keyboard.

    And I have tried ALL the bluetooth andriod apps in the marketplace.

    The closest I can get is "paired but not connected".

    Does anybody have any ideas or courses of action I can take?

    I really can't afford to try another keyboard and simply want to figure out a way to get this one operating.

    The keyboard does need a device that supports HID Bluetooth.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated!


    Vic Olam

  2. pbf98

    pbf98 Well-Known Member Contributor

    It's not the keyboard that does causes this, it is the phone. For what ever reason, VM limits the use of bluetooth to calls on their phones. One of their reps told me to avoid troubles with piracy laws or something like that.. I thought it was pretty stupid myself.

    But don't worry! There is still away you can use it. You have to root it. I refused to root my MT for the longest time, but then one day I bought a keyboard (it was from motorolas website and the Triumph was even listed as a compatible device) got it and found out it didn't work so I emailed both Motorola and VM and VM got back to me stating that they didn't support the feature to pair with anything other than communications devices.

    So thats what got me to root my device, once I did, I was able to pair it with no problem at all and no need for a 3rd party app.

    So I would suggest checking out the Root section for the MT, we are all very helpful there, and the devs are very knowledgeable.

    Hope I could be of some help to you
  3. olam

    olam Member

    Thanks for the reply. Appreciated. I have rooted it. I have full root access as verified by root checker but can still only pair but not connect.

    Does the keyboard you use connect with a profile that is different than HID?

    What keyboard did you get? Are you still using it? Any complaints other than the initial connection issues?

    Thanks, man!

  4. olam

    olam Member

    I went ahead and installed CM7 and now the bluetooth keyboard will show up and connect! Mouse pointer too!

    CM7 must have the bluetooth HID profile in there!

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  5. ecarlson

    ecarlson Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update. I've been thinking of getting a bluetooth keyboard, and I already have CM7 on my Triumph.
  6. budyorkin

    budyorkin Member

    Hi Guys, do I have to "root" before installing CM7?

    I have a Triumph that needs to attach to a bluetooth keyboard.
  7. ecarlson

    ecarlson Well-Known Member

    No. Just follow the instructions found in these forums, which are basically: Copy a new custom recovery to your phone, Boot into custom Recovery, run a backup, wipe, wipe dalvik cache, flash ROM, flash GAPPS (if the ROM doesn't include it), reboot and wait a few minutes. It's actually pretty simple.
  8. olam

    olam Member

    Hey Everybody,

    Totally loving the fact I now have a bluetooth keyboard (with mouse pointer!) working with the Triumph... I decided to improve the experience ever further.

    Check it out:

    Transform any SMARTPHONE into the ultimate mobile computing device

    Whether writing, cruising the internet, checking email, watching films, listening to music... the Motorola Triumph now rocks it like a boss!

    All the best,

    Vic Olam
  9. olam

    olam Member

    Today decided to flash the most popular ROMs and see which ones had a Bluetooth HID profile and would work in the above set-up.

    CM7 Tickerguy - Can pair and connect. Key and mouse response good.

    SHARP - Can pair but can NOT connect

    U9000 - Can pair but can NOT connect

    MIUI - Can pair but can NOT connect

    CM7 MTDEV build 20121015 - Can pair and connect. Key and mouse response very good.

    CM9 MTDEV build 20121028 - Can pair and connect. Key and mouse response excellent.

    I am really impressed with CM9. And will keep this as my ROM of choice for writing.

    And I like the keyboard and mouse response so much (with this build) that I'll be writing my next screenplay exclusively on my Motorola Triumph.

    It's that liberating.

    Great work guys on CM9!!!

    Vic Olam
  10. wilburcoc

    wilburcoc New Member

    You had to sell your laptop? And you are still bent on sticking with film and writing as a career choice?

    Don't you think you should get a real job? With real pay?

    I'm so tired of all the starving artists all over the internet!

  11. samhande

    samhande Active Member

    Do they have the Camera working in CM9? That's the only thing holding me back from upgrading from CM7.

  12. awdark

    awdark Active Member

    Hi just wanted to share you can even do this with the stock rom on the Triumph it's just a pain in the butt.

    You will need this Reading, Writing and Arithmetic: Connect Bluetooth Keyboard in Android Dev Phone basically putting the HIDD hcitool and hciconfig in the right places and set file permissions.

    Then get bluetooth easy connect rather than entering the lines in the terminal.

    Obviously flashing to a rom with those features built in is ideal and it just works. Currently on CM7 with a keyboard but just sharing in case anyone wants to do it that way.
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  13. krikit

    krikit Active Member

    I know this post is old, but thanks for this info, awdark. Our household Triumph is rooted, but it's used as a quick and dirty media center for the kids sometimes, so I need the HDMI-out to still function... which only works on Froyo ROMs.

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