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Motorola Triumph Not Charging.Support

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  1. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    I've purchased OEM Motorola USB cables off eBAY and have never been disappointed. Same with my car charger.

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  2. tastytoast

    tastytoast Member

    stef7!! thanks for the advice. good to see you're still around. hope you installed CM7, it's quite a beauty. as to not threadjack, PM me :D:D
  3. tastytoast

    tastytoast Member

    Bought the Samsung OEM USB cables from amazon for $1.30 each with free ship. Always charges instantly when I plug it in. Odd thing is that after a charge, i.e. after I wake up, it shows the battery has used some charge. My assumption is that after it hits 100% it stops using a/c power. But other than that it works great. :)
  4. ziggy46

    ziggy46 Well-Known Member Developer

    may i suggest some profile pics? tasty toast :D



  5. cutterjohn

    cutterjohn Well-Known Member

    I ended up having the MT(I was one of the first people to have one actually got it before it was officially launched) stop charging with ANY charger. (Usually I just use my Nook Color charger for ALL of my phones/tablets/devices and it had always worked with the MT for about 6m.)

    The first time that it happened I noticed fairly soon and a simple popout the batt then back in did the trick, then about a month later(December) it got to the point where it wouldn't charge(no light indicator/wouldn't reboot etc.) with ANY charger even the packaged one. So VM sent me another battery, still no go(messed artound with it for a week as I still had the OV to fall backon), called a second and got a phone sent out which showed up the next day IIRC(or the 2nd day after FAR more quickly that I expected).

    2nd one it still ticking, and I've got a second battery now as VM didn't want my old batt or the replacement that they sent me back...

    But yeah, I'll be pissed it it reoccurs esp IF it happens after the 1y std warranty is up, but in that case it might be my sign to go with T Mobile(since they're out of danger of being steamrolled by one of the evil empires ATM) and actually truly topend multi-core cortex-a9 CPU phone and their $50/m plan.

    (The OV was just as crippled as I remembered it to be... It was a crime to make a modern phone with so little RAM and internal storage!)
  6. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have T-mobile and they're awesome IMO. Also it's funny cuz the OV has the same amount of ram as the MT. Ram has little to nothing to do with android it's all about processing power really, but even then it doesn't matter a whole lot after a certain point.
  7. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Screen size aside, IMHO the OVs main short fall is on board memory. They could have trippled it and charged a little bit more and it would have been a more than acceptable phone.
    While I don't use the V anymore I do currently use the LG Thrive on ST/AT&T and it works fine except that the internal memory is filling up, I have a SD card in and move as much as I can over to it, but there is just not enough that gets moved over to help with the on board space.
  8. novak921

    novak921 Well-Known Member

    Ugh, I got a replacement Triumph a few months ago because of the GPS issue and now my charging port is going bad like you guys. The phone charges but if I move the charger cable slightly, it stops. This just started today completely out of the blue.

    This will be my 3rd Triumph replacement phone to date. They told me the Triumph is currently out of stock and it will take up to 5 days to get another one in so luckily in my case, the phone does still charge.

    The only consolation I have with swapping Triumphs is that I doubt I will ever make it past the 1 year warranty without each Triumph going bad so I'll always be under warranty lol

    Add me to the list of Bad charging ports.

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  9. azurensis

    azurensis New Member

    I'll just add a 'mee too' to the list of people with charging port problems. I got a replacement back in December because it stopped charging at all, and now the replacement is starting to show the same symptoms. I have to plug it in and have the cord raised up in order for it to charge at all. I'll probably be sending this one back too.
  10. SmpsonH

    SmpsonH Member

    I'm not sure if I'm having the same problem as you guys. I had the same phone for 7 months and once about a month ago the battery just died and wouldn't seem to charge or work at all anymore. I replaced the battery and it worked fine for the next month or so. Then I had to get my phone replaced on an unrelated issue, and the first night I went to charge my new phone with the old battery it died and had the same problem as that other battery. BUT it doesn't charge in my older phone either which I never really had that problem with. I still have old battery too and neither battery will charge with either phone with an assortment of chargers. Makes me think this is a battery problem rather than phone issue.
  11. vonderloost

    vonderloost New Member

    I have two Triumphs. Very finicky, I have micro USB cables that charge everything under the sun, but will not charge the Triumph. When I connect the Motorola OEM cable, they charge just fine. Very odd and frustrating. The USB port on the Triumph is very cheap, so it will not always make good contact with the a standard cable, for some reason the tolerances on the OEM Motorola cable seem tighter so that is what I stick with. I bought another Motorola OEM charger and cable on ebay just to have a backup.
  12. lanceg

    lanceg Well-Known Member

    Had this problem last week. What solved it was taking the battery out and plugging it into an external charger (I did it at the radio shack store on a display charger). Only kept it on there for about 10 seconds. After that, all charging problems went away.
  13. zaphodbblx

    zaphodbblx Well-Known Member

    add me to the list, my phone is going tharn too but its too much trouble to unroot and rom it because i've decided to quit after this month
    Going tharn - WordReference Forums
  14. shiv81

    shiv81 Well-Known Member

    Same, add me too. Hopefully I'll be moving on to the Evo V or Gnex. :)
  15. batvette

    batvette Well-Known Member

    I'm now getting this with mine too and in my case it's definitely an issue of the physical connection of the USB cable and the port. I tried contact cleaner on both, which seemed to improve, but not resolve the issue. You plug it in, red light comes on, you set it down and come back an hour later and it hasn't charged at all. Must be something internal, right? Not always, if you stood there looking at it you would see the red light go out and if you jiggled the cable you'd see it come back on again. With a lighted magnifying jeweler's lens, looking at the port on the phone I can see that it's become somewhat worn, and the outer metal jacket shows signs of fatigue cracking at the corners and has expanded somewhat. The conductors inside are not bent, worn or dirty.
    Looking at the conductors on the charger cable shows a troubling thing, the pins on each end are standing up straight and tall, while the 3 in the middle are all obviously both recessed/depressed in height and depth.
    Assuming all 5 conductors are utilized the issue on mine and probably some of yours is simply wear on both the port and the charger plug. Since the charger cable is easy to replace I'll try this first and will expect an improvement albeit with the likelyhood it will still require fiddling because of the wear on the phone port.
  16. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    yea, the micro USB ports on our device are known to have issues, and on top of that, if you ever used usb drives or such on a pc youve seen that sometimes there really picky if there not inserted straight in, thats what i believe alot of the chrage troubles come from, stretching out that inner sleeve designed to hold the charger right and straight in place, altho cable wear can deff be a part as well, the only up side i ever see to this, is its such a known issue that VM tends to replace the phones without any trouble
  17. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    The pins are like that intentionally, the outer ones are ground which makes contact first before the power and data pins make contact.
  18. batvette

    batvette Well-Known Member

    Update, found a good fix for this..... squeeze the shell on the charger end (male) plug just a bit. Now with a magnifying glass and a sewing needle gently and slighly pry up the 2 pairs of outer tensioning devices on that charger cable male plug to restore and even augment their original spring action.
    Guarantee if your phone port is worn this will help noticeably if not fix it altogether for awhile. Then do it again.

    (PS don't forget to clean the phone port contacts removing the battery first of course)

    Now I can wiggle it around at will light stays on, and lights up first time every time when you plug it in.
  19. bman7163

    bman7163 New Member

    I am a current owner of a Triumph even though I just most recently switched back to Sprint so that I could get the new Galaxy S3.

    I had someone at work interested in my Triumph. It had been sitting for a few weeks with no charge and was dead. I plugged the phone in last night to charge with the included Motorola charger. I forgot about the phone this morning and when I returned home this afternoon it had not charged at all.

    I tried some of the suggestions in this thread and kept getting a slow blinking red charge light. Held the power button down and would get the on screen battery charging icon with a red thunder bolt. It would then just shut back off and start the red blinking charge light again.

    For some reason I decided to remove the USB cable from the provided charging brick and plugged it into my Toshiba laptop. Pressed the power button on the Triumph and it started showing the progressive on screen battery showing that it was charging. I removed the USB from my laptop and plugged it back into the charging brick. Now the battery is charging like normal.

    It seems like my laptop gave it a jump start once the PC noticed that it was connected.

    Why would this happen?
  20. rileyper

    rileyper Active Member

    Yea my MT is having this issue too.
  21. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Li-ion batteries have a circuit built in that when the power drops below a set level they won't accept a charge. I think that it was designed to prevent thermal runaway, after laying around unused, especially if it's an older battery it might have dropped below that threshold and somehow by switching to your laptop it must have risen above that level. Sounds good on paper anyway. :D
  22. sgtpepper

    sgtpepper Member

    I have a Huawei Ideos X6 (Cherry Mobile Magnum HD), and I've been experiencing this same issue. I've been getting by through charging my battery packs (I have three) externally.

    I know that my phone isn't exactly the same as the Motorola Triumph, but I figured that knowing that this issue also exists in Magnums (mine at least) might help in some way in solving this puzzle...
  23. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Pretty much the same phone, a few cosmetic differences but the hardware is pretty close to being a clone.
  24. solmakou

    solmakou New Member

    Didn't read all the posts so I don't know if this was covered all ready, however I was sold a triumph with a bad charging port, contacted motorola, within 10 days I had a new circuit board with a working microusb port! Backup your data before sending it, everything will be wiped.
  25. rileyper

    rileyper Active Member

    !!!Possible Working Charging Cable!!!

    I was at work and someone had left their charger in the wall, i noticed it was a HTC usb charger and a kindle cable so i tried it and my phone was charging. Wiggled around and it didn't disconnect, and i disconnected and looked in the cable and the wires are very visible so its making great contact when i plug in. Amazon Link Your experience may vary, I've only used this on my phone and no one else has tried it...yet.

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