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Motorola Vehicle Nav Dock w/Window-Dash Mount MountTips

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  1. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    I purchased the Motorola (Smart Series) Vehicle Navigation Dock w/ESP car dock for my Electrify. Naturally my phone (in a hardshell case) does not fit into the dock. The phone, with case, will fit into the dock, but the phone does not go down onto the USB fitting far enough to make a connection. So, the hassle of getting the case on and off of the phone, in order to use the dock.

    My solution: After removing the phone from the hardshell case: get a piece of sandpaper (80 grit) and start sanding the left side of the hardshell case, trying to flatten out the rounded edge enough to fit down onto the USB fitting. After a bit of sanding you can compare the thickness of the left side with the un-sanded right side of the case. You can put the phone back in the case and try it on the dock. Keep sanding until the phone (in case) goes down far enough onto the USB fitting to make a connection. Then get a piece of (220 grit) sandpaper for a smoother edge. Took me about 10 minutes to make it work. And, believe it or not, after sanding the left side of the case, it looks just as nice as the un-sanded right side.

    Now...no need to remove the case, which works for the holster, as well as, the car dock.

  2. BillH2

    BillH2 Member

    I think I will try this using my belt sander....
  3. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    Be careful!!!
  4. Strings

    Strings Well-Known Member

    I ended up getting one of the other "ultraslim" cases, which made it work fine. Irritating though...
  5. pinkful

    pinkful Member

    I can only find this neat navigation dock system for the car for sale on Tessco for $60. Is there any place a little less pricey on the internet? Even US Cellular doesn't have it for sale, nor the motorola site. I want it. Do you know if the Photon phone is the same size that will make the dock turn into a neat little operating station in the car? I sure do like the idea.
  6. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

  7. michaelj74

    michaelj74 New Member

    Was that a otterbox commuter case that you modified? I am looking at purchasing that case but am concerned because of the procetive cover that flips down to protect the usb.
  8. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    No, my case is not an Otterbox. (I know what you are referring to.) It's an off-brand case that I bought at the USCC store. The phone is in a hardshell case that slips into the holster.

    My solution will not work with the Otterbox unless you do not use the soft liner.
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