Motorola will upgrade your Xoom to 4G LTE -- even if you've rooted it

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  2. gamul1

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  3. rushmore

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    Per a few VZW corp stores, the Xoom has not been selling well, so this would make sense to not want to constrain potential sales.

    Still, once the wifi only version and price points like Sam's Club $540 are common, the Xoom will EXPLODE in sales. Bet on it :) Heck, $600 will do well.

    Now, if they could just fix that there USB host issue, I could be all on that too :)


    As far as some stores selling out at launch, not hard to do with average of 4 to 5 units per store. Even then, it did not sell out. Too high of a price and not the same app ecosystem as iPad- yet.

    As analysts have been saying, the key for Android Tabs is price and features. THEN volume will pull more app devs into making apps for Android :) Already happening to some extent.

    Honeycomb's dynamic storage is a big step in right direction. The Xooms 32gb built-in and microsd slot is a NICE set-up.
  4. LIH

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    Is the USB host thing a definite feature incoming?
  5. rushmore

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    Not known if it will work yet.
  6. Mitchrapp

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    So corp stores just told you nonchalantly that they weren't selling well? I find that hard to believe. But you're right on the wifi, they will be a huge sell.
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I condsider stores that still have their launch stock and comments like "Sales will pick up once Flash is available" as not doing as well as they could. Heard any VZW or Moto sales results smack talk yet?

    Expect wifi only version sooner than later. A great device should not be impeded by a constrained pricing model. Moto will make sure of it.
  8. xmr405o

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    That's great news. Not embracing or underestimating the dev community is a dumb strategy by moto.
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  9. Mitchrapp

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    They can't have it too soon or you might get people returning the 3G/4G for the wifi. I know that's not good for VZW but I think Moto won't be happy as well.
  10. ultradroid

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    The combination of the Honeycomb OS and that high resolution screen is very appealng, but the price their asking is REALLY high. I don't know...

  11. mazz0310

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    Not sure this was the right place to post that comment, but:

    I freaking love the device. When I first ordered it I was kind of regretting it, but it really is awesome and was so worth it. Of course YMMV for different people but it's a great device, and I would recommend it to people.
  12. TVFilmFL

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    I'm a newbie regarding rooting but have a question for the gurus on this forum: I bought a Motorola Xoom a couple of days ago on eBay. Wi-Fi, orig. box, etc. I had also made a bid on one that had some accessories, but most interesting was the seller's note: This Xoom has an unlimited, Free, data plan. It will stay that way unless you reset it to factory specs. I asked questions re rooting, violating the warranty, problems when 4G is available (supposedly Sept. 2011) all answers were limited to the OS wasn't touched, Apps/Bloat not uninstalled and how this was accomplished won't be explained - just trust the guy. I had the cash so I kept bidding. Lost literally in the final second of the auction, but when I e-mailed the guy that I'd welcome a second chance offer should one be necessary he immediately wrote back, "What's your offer?" Hmmm... I offered an extra $5 since it was clearly used, possibly voided warranty, etc. and I thought $525 was high enough. He is now under the radar. My question: How could this unlimited data plan be possible? Does it require rooting and then some downloaded app? Seems it would have to be a hack on the Verizon 3G plan set up and then canceled, but I know so little about all of this, I don't really know if it's possible or if he's lying to get a sale. If anyone can explain it to me, I'll be your best friend for life.
    P.S. These were the seller's words in his update to eBay listing:
    "On Aug-08-11 at 09:43:28 PDT, seller added the following information: Also this Xoom has unlimited data service on it as long as you never restore it to factory condition. You can update it or whatever, as long as you never reset the tablet... Simple... I can't tell you how, just trust me, the OS has not been tampered with."

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