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  1. fitsou

    fitsou Member

    i have a serious problem with my motorola! i updated to latest clockwork rom but i didn't like it.. (there was no google maps and i couldnt downloaded from the market) so i try to restore to the original version from the back-up i created before i install the clockwork rom. but after the restoration the screen stays in Android logo forever...
    i try to install again the clockwork rom and it worked but still withoute maps and the restoration failed again..

    so where i can find the original 2.1 android rom for motorola xt5??

  2. sly.cooper

    sly.cooper New Member

    Did you not backup original ROM? Why dont you try any other ROM? Phantom sky revolution 2.2 is by far the stable of all that I have used. You can also try superAOSP gingerbread ROM.
  3. fitsou

    fitsou Member

    i wouldnt be asking if a have a backup....

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