Motorolla Atrix 4g and Pantech Burst- Which one?

Pantech Burst or Motorolla atrix 4g,or other.

  1. Motorolla Atrix 4g- 200$

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  2. Pantech Burst- 220$

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  3. Other-

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  1. cannon11

    cannon11 Well-Known Member


    I'm getting my first android, I'm getting it off contract too. I am going to be on att prepaid go phone, just with talking and texting, So I will not be using data other than wifi.

    I can get the Motorolla atrix 4g on new for 199$ or so.
    I can get the pantech Burst for 220$ or so.

    Now, I'm not sure Which I should get.
    The atrix is older, But it has alot more reviews since it's been out longer, The burst still seems to get good reviews most of the time.

    The fingerprint scanner on the atrix is neat, It seems to have a little bit better battery than the burst as well, A little bit better of a camera, and Possibly a little better speaker.

    The Burst on the other hand, Has a super AMOLED display, And I think the atrix just has a LCD. The pantech burst also has a faster processor. The Back of the pantech burst also appeals to me a little more because of the metal look.

    So has anyone had any experience with one of these phones or prefferably both, Or just give me your opinion?

    Will the Atrix last a long time? Are they known for dying out after a year? Because I want mine to last as long as I can drag it out. You're not really going to be able to tell with the burst though, since its newer.
    Also, Does either of them have gorilla glass? Do either of them have a oleophobic coating? Because I don't like fingerprints.
    And Would I be able to upgrade the atrix to the latest android or at least one of the latest android updates?

    I will leave a poll But please Also leave a comment, Explaining why and in detail please. And If you choose "other" on the poll, Please state which phone, And it has to be a phone that you can buy on without a contract under 250$, full touchscreen no keyboard, No display larger than 4 inches.

    So, Which Should I get?

  2. cannon11

    cannon11 Well-Known Member

  3. ericc191

    ericc191 Member

    I'd say the Pantech. I owned the Atrix 4G for half a yeah and I was not impressed. The battery life was poor, Tegra2 was poorly optimized, and the digitizer stopped working so half my screen lost all touch responsiveness.
  4. ericc191

    ericc191 Member

    Also if you can spare $220, try to sell a few things on Craigslist and pick up a nice SGSII for $230-$260.
  5. Magiblaze

    Magiblaze New Member

    I've only owned the Pantech Burst so can't fairly say, but if its just everyday use and calling I think I'd say the Atrix thanks to the bigger battery life as the Burst's battery doesn't tend to last that long so I mostly have it off whenever not using it and have all of the settings as low as possible to keep the energy drain down.I also hear Atrix is getting Jelly Bean.I do like the Burst though for being a powerful phone and seems like the best bang for your buck if you can get over the battery life.If you're a bit more of a gamer I'd say probably should choose the Burst.From everything I've heard the Atrix has about nearly double the battery life of the Burst.
  6. +1 for the Pantech Burst. More features, faster and much better battery life.

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