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  1. ndex477

    ndex477 Well-Known Member

    I recently rooted my LG P506 using SuperOneClick 1.7. Everything is o.k. except when i try to uninstall the preinstalled AT&T bloatware I can't uninstall it(using RootExplorer).

    I was told to use mount -o remount, rw-t yaffs2/system/system and adb push RootExplorer.apk to system/app.

    SuperOneClick and RootExplorer show the mount path as: /dev/block/mtdblock1 and the command line module gives me an error message saying: "adb not found" when using "mount -o..."

    Is there another method to removing the bloatware with SuperOneClick?:confused:

    Thanks very much in advance.

  2. damien13

    damien13 New Member

    go to the play store and download the app titaniaum back up and from there you can uninstall the bloatware

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