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  1. dragon1357

    dragon1357 Member

    Can anyone tell me how to mount a temporary file system on my fascinate, or any android phone?

  2. Moonfire

    Moonfire Well-Known Member

    I'm not quite sure what it is you want to do. Do you just want to mount the SD card in your phone on your computer (like a flash drive)?
  3. dragon1357

    dragon1357 Member

    I'm not, I know how to mount on computer, but linux supposedly can run a tmpfs over ur normal file system but it uses ram and not hard drive so there is a significant speed boost, I was wondering how u would do that?:confused:
  4. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    With the mount command just like Linux but generally you need to be rooted me thinks.
  5. dragon1357

    dragon1357 Member

    Me too, but do you know the command?

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