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  1. don brodie

    don brodie Member

    Hello All,

    Every other Android I've owned gives you the option to mount your SD card to your PC or Mac except the Venice. It gives me:

    Charge Only
    Media Sync (MTP)
    Camera (PTP)

    How the heck do you get this thing to mount your SD like a normal Samsung or HTC phone onto your desktop? :(

  2. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    Choose Media sync. Then it will show in your list with hard drive etc as long as you have the correct drivers installed for the Venice. Also make sure you have "USB debugging" checked under "developer options" in settings.
  3. WillBlaylock

    WillBlaylock Member

    What about if you run Linux (Kubuntu 12.04 lts5) and want to access the SD card as a drive (If you have any clue)?

    I am thus far clueless, have not yet tried a virtualbox, but someday soon.
  4. machine893

    machine893 New Member

    I tried using this phone on a laptop with Linux Mint installed and no matter what I did Linux would not recognize the Venice. So I just pulled the SD chip out of the phone and with an adapter I plugged it directly into my laptop. Problem solved.

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