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  1. Meshington

    Meshington New Member

    I'm having a heck of a time mounting a new micro SD card on my Kyocera Rise. I have not yet rooted the phone and I don't really plan to if it's not necessary.

    The new card is a Sandisk 16 GB class 4 micro SD HC. It is formatted for FAT 32. I copied all the files from the original 2 GB card onto it, and put it into the SD card slot underneath the battery. When I tap "Mount SD card" the phone says "Preparing SD card" then says "SD card safe to remove." It seems like the phone isn't seeing the new card at all.

    What am I doing wrong?

  2. BmXStuD

    BmXStuD Well-Known Member

    Root is not required. Almost sounds like your hitting "unmount sd card" instead of mount, but i doubt you are.

  3. Meshington

    Meshington New Member

    Since I posted, I've been able to successfully mount an empty 8 GB micro SD card, with no problems at all. Only difference between the two cards is that the one that worked was bought new at MicroCenter and the one that didn't came from some Amazon Marketplace seller.

    Oh well. I guess I'll use the 16 GB card for something else and get another new one next time I'm at MicroCenter.

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