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  1. seanabell86

    seanabell86 Member

    Is there a way to move my apps from my internal storage to my sd card. My phone is rooted but don't know what to do past that. Also, I have overclock to speed phone up but when I set min and max to higher settings after I. Save and exit it goes back to exsiting. I tried to find on here but I'm getting overwhelmed with a whole lot of talk that I do not quite get. Please help this newbie! Thank you

  2. skater95

    skater95 Well-Known Member

    You can't move your apps to your sd card. That hasn't been perfected yet.
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  3. phlfly

    phlfly Member

    So Is anyone find to way move app to SD card, or safe them there?
    On 2.2 some applications has a option to safe on SD drive.
    Verizon should coded SD drive then keep all application on it, if they are afraid a copy rights.
  4. savoxis

    savoxis Well-Known Member Developer

    With Velocity 0.03 you can partition your SD card and allow for all apps to automatically be installed on SD
  5. dvanlinton

    dvanlinton Well-Known Member

    Yea that is right Velocity 0.03 rom you can do it now... just search for it in the search bar.. i have a lg ally running on velocity 0.3 and it works great for me.. i have like 80 apps so far..
  6. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    I installed an app (I forget which one, there are several) that allows one to backup their apps on an SD card. I just looked on through my SD card and there they are, all 4 apps on the SD Card.

    I am not sure if you can move your apps but apparently, you can back them up.

    So Android users that know more than me, what am I missing?

  7. Goonie21

    Goonie21 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like your using app monster or something similar, that just makes a back to your SD card you cannot run the app from the card with the new Velocity .3 you can run the apps from the SD.
  8. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    My only interest is in backing up apps I bought. I do not intend to run them from the card. I do not know what App Monster is.

  9. Goonie21

    Goonie21 Well-Known Member

    App monster is a program to back up the apps to the sd card. There is a free version in the market.
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  10. swc2001

    swc2001 Well-Known Member

    Ok so I have velocity .3 How does this work??

    You just go into recovery and partiton? What is this ext3 and ext4?
    Can you transfer all existing apps to the SD.

    Now the REAL BIG QUESTION!!!!

    Once you have your apps on the SD card and you do the Nand backup... does the backup "back them up"? Also does the restore put them back where they came from on the sd card?

    This may be one for you Trident. LOVE VELOCITY BTW.
  11. phlfly

    phlfly Member

    Is there a good step by step DIY how to upgrade to velocity .3 with keep all current setting and applications. Please provide a link. Also does it screw any Verizon support?
    I found only download then go update. I don't what chase a problem after upgrade to velocity .03.
  12. pworcester

    pworcester Well-Known Member

    I use astro file manager. this app will backup your user installed apps tp /sdcard/backups/apps
  13. swc2001

    swc2001 Well-Known Member

    Yeah you wont be able to go to the Verizon store and have them work on your phone. However you can still call them and they will still support you. Just dont mention anything about Rooting or Roms.

    As far as backing up your settings and all I have not found a real good way. However there are several things you can do. 1. turn all of your contacts into Google contacts. This will make it to whenever you switch to another Rom all your contacts come in automatically. See this thread for how to turn your contacts into google contacts. ( 2. Back up all your user apps with Titanium backup. You can also do it with Astro manager but it does not have near as many handy features as even the Free titanium backup has. 3.Now you may also want to put all your Icons back the way you had them so I reccomend an app called ScreenShot.
    take a quick pic of all 5 of your home pages. Now youll be able to remember what goes where. 4.As far as wall papers just save your wallpaper and put it back on. As far as ring tones I dont have a good answer. Just grin and bare it and put them back on.

    Hope this helps Bro. Someone else may know a better way, this is the only way I have found.:D
  14. thelostsoul

    thelostsoul Well-Known Member

    You can use Clockworkmod to backup your entire device. This will make it so that if something goes wrong, you can use that to restore EVERYTHING.

    However, you can not keep your settings when you flash to Velocity. You MUST wipe your system before flashing or you will have many issues.

    Flashing is fairly simple, and if you look at the thread for that topic here:

    If you still can't get it, post there or back here and I or someone else will post a bit more of a guide. It's worth the restoring steps though.
  15. klewlis1

    klewlis1 Member

    I have a question, i have an LG ALLY thats flashed over to work with Cricket carrier instead of verizon, can i flash a new rom on here or will in mess up the flash that cricket did to get the phone to work on there circuit?
  16. SyrStorm

    SyrStorm Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't advise it. As cricket. I mean half of these ROMs are meant for Verizon radios and software

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