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  1. essentuki

    essentuki New Member

    Is it possible to move your apps to the SD Card?

    It seems like a good way to free up memory on your phone.

  2. hsn090

    hsn090 New Member

    well you can move your apps to sd card, but your device must be rooted for this purpose. Firstly root your device and after successful completion install an app naming
    this will solve your problem.
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  3. android sgy

    android sgy Active Member

    rooting voids your in the meantime you can try with apps like app2sd...some move..some wont..!
  4. zameer009

    zameer009 New Member

    i am not able to updte the software due to less space
    internal memory how to move some app to sd card
  5. android sgy

    android sgy Active Member

    not all will move, but a few compatible ones will move if you try with app2sd
  6. androidtester3

    androidtester3 Active Member

    try *#9900# , if still problem let me know.

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