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Move music from SD card to phoneSupport

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  1. mohitd2000

    mohitd2000 Member

    I recently purchased a Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile. The puny 2GB SD card it comes with cannot hold all of my music, but the spacious 16GB internal hard drive CAN. So how could I move files (music) FROM the SD card TO the phone's internal memory? Is there a way WITHOUT rooting?

  2. mitchmoney1

    mitchmoney1 Well-Known Member

    If u already have your music on the SD card.. try plugging it into the computer and click mass media or it might just connect to the computer right away. From there you can look into your files and do any drag and dropping you need to do.hope that helps...
  3. Yaz75

    Yaz75 Active Member

    If you're on stock 2.1, then go to your app drawer and click the "files" icon. You should see a folder that says "sd". Touch to open that folder. I'm assuming that you've created a folder on your card that says "music" or something similar. Any ways, you can long press the music folder, and one of your options will be "move". Just select move, then touch the directory that you want it moved to. If you're going for the root directory on the phone, just select the "/" icon.
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