Movie player shutting off TF300

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  1. pwrhungry

    pwrhungry New Member

    I have the ASUS TF300 with keyboard and when watching movies it will just shut down and go back to the USB files. I am using a USB stick through the keyboard. Others watch these movies without these problems and it happens almost all the time to me and not shutting down just once but will play a while then shut down again. I open the movie back up and fast forward to the part I was at only to have it shut down again after playing a movie for a little. Any ideas why? I have VLC player and Vplayer video player. Asuming they both play the movie either one will shut down. Its not at a specific part either it just randomly does it. One guy thinks its a problem going through the keyboard to the tablet, Any other ideas?

  2. petercolt

    petercolt New Member

    So you mean that either of these two players will accidentally shut off and go to usb files? Do they always return to usb?

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