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    *Sorry that I post this here, if there if a moderator would like to move this post to the correct category, I would really appreciate.*
    We just released our first andorid game so called Movie Quotes Quiz.
    And here is a little review about it:

    Well there are the basic trivia games rule, in which you get a question, four answers, a hint and a fact of the movie, what you will have to do is read the quote and try to guess in which movie it was used. Each correct answer gives you 300 points, you get about 30 seconds to give a answer, if you do it in time you can get from 0 to 1000 points more depending on how fast you get to check the right answer, also if you get in trouble and don't know the answer, you can touch the hint button which may give you a word, a phraze or even a fact that can help you get the correct answer, also this help can cost you again 300 points.
    For now in the game you can find only a few quotes from recent movies like: "Hangover", "Hunger games","The Avengers", and a few others, but as well from old ones Like "Titanic "or "The Godfather", as well from some of the most popular TV series like "Scrubs", "dr. House", "How I met your Mother". Also in the game you may find after you answer the question a funny or a interesting fact of the movie, in this way you may learn something new as well.
    Download the app from:
    If you have any suggestions and questions feel leave a reply.

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    Here's a great android game/ app in which kids and not only can learn the importance of an antivirus application installed on ther mobile phones and tablets.

    You can read a complete review of the app here.

    Or you can download the app for free from google play.

    Also I think the idea is really good, as a educational app, it has all kinds of great questions regarding the safety of the data you have on your phone.
    I want to improve the app so users can have a great experience, if you would download it and give me a feedback on it, I totally appreciate it. :)

    Thank you!
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    For fans who love the old arcade racing games and wants to relive that feeling of what the old 90
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    Who said that robots eat only screws, bolts and circuit parts? Well it looks like this one has a big appetite for fast food and he is about to eat lots and lots of hamburgers, ice creams, pizza and of course fries.
    You might had though he will be like the usual robots that you might had played in other classic robot games, but as you will find out he is more unusual, he loves to jump and run around, and of course he has an unusual appetite for burgers.
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    Super Hero Quiz Trivia
    Are you a comic-book enthusiast and you
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    I know that many indie developers our there can't afford to buy well translated documents and in this case descriptions or find friends from all parts of the countries who can help them translate their app, game or at least the description, title and other few info for their applications and games, well for people in search for someone who can help them translate their apps and games I've manage to come up with an idea, I don't know how well it can go, but still if we try to make a community or a social group with indie devs across the world we might manage to help each other.
    For those of you who want to check out the idea, here is where you can find all the instructions and the way it goes.
    I'm also open to suggestion and ways of improving this service.
    Please let me know if there are questions, or anything else, so I know how to help.
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