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  1. michaelearth

    michaelearth Well-Known Member

    Next wenesday I go on vacation so I thought id put a few movies on my droid to watch on the trip. So I have a few questions:

    1. Is there a way to watch .divx or .avi movies yet on a droid? My droid is rooted if that matters.

    2. What resolution will fill the whole screen? What resolution would you reccomend?

    3. If divx and avi, don't work, what codecs should I encode movies into?

    4. What is the best converting application for movies?

    If there's anything else I should know to get the best quality out of my movies, please let me know. Thanks!

  2. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Well-Known Member

    Doubletwist is free and the best way to get videos on your Droid. It is the only progtam that fills the whole screen with every movie I have put on my phone. It takes a little long to get the movie on your phone through that program but its the best way I've found to convert video files tony Droid with the highest quality possible.
  3. ndoren

    ndoren Well-Known Member Contributor

    1. Nope. Out of luck even if rooted.
    2. I use 720x480. A 16:9 movie will perfectly fill the screen when played with the Act1 movie player. Doesn't seem to matter that the actual screen res is 854 in width.
    3. Encode with anything that claims to generate Apple iPod/iPhone/itouch video files. More specifically, mp4(H.264)/AAC. That's really all the droid will play.
    4. Best encoder for Mac? Linux? Win? I use ffmpeg for linux. I have used handbrake for windows and it works great but a lot slower than the linux encoder (even on the same hardware). Again, Apple ipod setting for handbrake.
  4. cranky_dan

    cranky_dan Well-Known Member

    I use Super to convert movies on my pc. It's free, works fairly fast, and unlike HandBrake, does *not* require DotNet.
  5. VeryApe

    VeryApe Well-Known Member

    +1 for Super. Plenty of options for bitrate/sound/etc.
  6. jackburnt

    jackburnt Well-Known Member

    I'd check out Motorola's sites for specifics on resolution/formats:

    AAC, H.263, H.264, MP3, MPEG-4, WAV, WMA, eAAC+, OGG, AMR WB, AMR NB, AAC+, MIDI

    3.7-in.; WVGA (480 x 854 pixels); 16:9 widescreen

    As for converting to MP4 (the recommended format), I highly suggest Handbrake. I get excellent quality from that program. There's a built in iPod Touch setting that will work just fine for Droid.
  7. drew_14

    drew_14 Member

    +1 for Super
  8. Le0_Br4zUc4

    Le0_Br4zUc4 Well-Known Member

    I like this thread couple of good information
  9. Illrigger

    Illrigger Member

    Um, yeah. I know for certain that WMA doesn't work, so that list isn't really useful as I can't trust it.
  10. tallelf78

    tallelf78 Well-Known Member

    I use Handbrake, there is a thread on here about conversion settings.

    Its a piece of cake. I usually queue 3 or 4 movies up the night before a trip and they are re-encoded by morning

  11. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    I've found 'xyflash' from the market to be passible playing DIVX/AVI movies I've moved over to my droid... it does use a good bit of CPU so runs a bit hot and will drain battery but I've watched 2+ hr.s with it on Battery and have charger at desk, car, home... so don't mind the battery drain the times I can't plugin for a couple hours...

    THEHYLAND Member

    I found this site. DVD to DROID -

    Program works great. Very simple and easy to use. No changing settings or name of the movie now and then. And the movies work great on my phone and on my netbook, all the way open. I still need to donate.

    Again to the guy that created this program thanks.

  13. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Werd! :cool:

    I was just getting ready to post this link.
  14. starnesc

    starnesc Member

    This is the one I use and the quality on the Droid is great. A must for the mobile movie watcher.
  15. savajio

    savajio Member

    Here is my question regarding Movies on Droid.

    I have had success and have put plenty of movies/Anime on that look great with no problems using Handbreak and Amadis. My issue is I have movies on DVD that I can rip and convert in Amadis and 95% are wide screen. But when I rip a movie and put on Droid it does not take up the whole screen. I have done 16:9 and 720x480 but the ends seem to get cut off. I know that top and bottom will be that way cause of the wide screen. So my question is what settings would it be to get a movie to take up whole screen?
  16. dakster

    dakster Well-Known Member

    For handbrake I've found for the really widescreen movies to show up full screen on the droid, I've had to crop off 80 pixels from the left and right. Not losing too much, and it takes up the full screen.

    I fiddle with this using the preview option. I'll encode about 30 seconds of the film with different crop settings, and copy it to the droid to test out before I do the whole movie.

    THEHYLAND Member

    I have converted numerous widescreen movies with this program. Yes little on the narrow side. I did buy the act one player in my market place with makes it bigger. Works great, give it a try.

  18. nestrapez

    nestrapez Active Member

    xvid4psp and forget it.
  19. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    +1 for handbrake

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