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  1. headsh0t

    headsh0t New Member

    Hi I am trying to run the Moviestarplanet app on an Android powered TrekStor SurfTab Breeze 7.0 touch tablet, model number ST70104-1.

    The device is running Android version 4.04.

    I accessed the 'App Center' from the device, located the MSP app and received the message that it was not available. A link to Google Play was provided and I was able to successfully download Moviestarplanet version 1.2.2.

    I load up the app and it displays a login screen which appears to be somewhat zoomed in. I try zooming out or double tapping which does nothing. I then successfully enter the username and password but am unable to see the rest of the screen because of the zoomed in display and therefore cannot progress to log in. Even rotating the tablet does not alter the screen orientation in the app.

    Anyone got any ideas please?

  2. headsh0t

    headsh0t New Member


    I have e-mailed the developers support team but had no response yet.

    This is what it looks like.


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